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Successful affiliate marketing requires a decidedly human touch.

To find true success as an affiliate marketer, more is required than simply paying attention to the metrics. At its best, affiliate marketing is about human relationships and interactions. By definition, affiliate marketing is about forming a partnership, an arrangement where two parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.

Affiliate Marketing – Not Just Another Form of Digital Marketing

Affiliate marketers must be more than just cogs in the wheel of digital marketing strategies. Reporting on a roundtable discussion involving some of the top thinkers at a recent Marketing Digital Exchange event, a recent Campaign article quotes Matthew Gardiner, director of acquisition marketing, UnderTheDoormat, as saying:

“Treating affiliate marketing as a branch of digital marketing is a mistake. What’s often missed and what makes a difference between something doing OK and something working is the human relationship side. It isn’t just a digital silo. It’s about building human relationships with the affiliates, with the partners in those content sites.”

Metrics matter too, of course. Measuring clicks, number of sales, conversion rate, average order size, and gross dollar sales does provide valuable insights for affiliate marketers and the companies with whom they partner. However, beyond the numbers is something even more important – the relationships that affect those numbers. It is only by paying attention to the underlying relationship between a company and its affiliate marketers that a partnership becomes more profitable for both parties.

As Forbes points out, for affiliate marketing to be successful, affiliate marketers must concentrate on partnering with the right companies and seeking out better and more efficient partnerships.

Why the Human Touch Matters

As an affiliate marketer, your first impulse may be to handle the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing, such as creating ads, building landing pages, and writing articles. This is natural and it may be what you are most comfortable doing, but it may not be t