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Three Internal Factors Affecting Employee Morale

Three Internal Factors Affecting Employee MoraleEmployees’ attitude towards their jobs determines their productivity. If they are motivated, their focus is in doing their best for the company. On the other hand, if employees are not motivated, they are less inclined to go the extra mile. Their work becomes an obligation as opposed to something that they enjoy. They also call in sick more often or show up late for work. 

Employees spend a substantial amount of their waking hours at their respective workplaces. It is therefore in the best interest of the management of any company to make the atmosphere in which its people work conducive to ensure good returns. 
Several factors make employees feel disgruntled at their places of work. Some of the leading internal factors include:

1 - Poor Leadership at the Top

Given the time that they spend at the workplace, employees tend to be very observant. If the leadership at the top falters, they instantaneously feel it and react to it. A recent Gallup poll reported that 50 percent of workers in America did not feel inspired by their managers. Poor decisions from the higher level team of management could include:

  • Unfair rewards where the employees feel like the management is not fair in recognizing and rewarding performance.
  • Harsh punishment-When employees feel like the punishment meted out to one of them is undeserved, they may raise the issue. If they are in fear of victimization, they could sit it out to keep their jobs. 
  • Decisions to get rid of amenities or benefits that the employees found beneficial to them. It is even worse when this is done without any communication. 

One other thing that could kill the morale of employees is poor communication from the top. If decisions that affect the employees are made without consultation or information, they may feel as though their opinions do not matter. 

A change in Management

If a manager that was recognized to be hardworking and a role model to the employees is let go, the rumor mills may start doing rounds. The demise would hurt them. Worse still if the management gives no explanation as to why a dedicated manager was exited, they may make their conclusions and create fear amongst them of their fate. These eventualities are often inevitable. At one point even the most exceptional people have to be let go when there are irreconcilable differences. It, however, matters how management handles such situations. Effectively communicating to employees why such a decision had to be made alleviates their fears and helps them move on quickly. It also helps for them to co-operate with the replacement.

Investing in Wellness

A survey conducted by Workforce Management Magazine and Virgin HealthMiles Inc found out that 77 percent of employees felt that wellness programs have a positive impact on the workforce. When a company invests in the health of its employees, it makes them feel appreciated. They feel as though they are worth more than just work hours to the enterprise. This feeling boosts their morale and commitment which in turn increases the level of productivity. One of the health benefits that employees could appreciate is an individual dental insurance plan. Most people do not put as much focus on dental care as they do other insurance covers as it is quite expensive. Taking this burden off them would be a good way to show appreciation for their service.

The most successful companies invest heavily in a healthy workplace culture. The lines of communication are open so that employees know that they have easy access to their managers. For a company to be successful, the employees need to feel appreciated and included. The organs that are responsible for making decisions should involve the same employees who get affected by those changes. Once in a while management will make unpopular decisions. It is the way in which management communicates these changes that will determine how the employees receive them. Free flow of communication fosters a feeling of inclusion and worthiness among the employees. The reward to management is commitment and productivity.

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it's helpful to all kind of people,thank you for sharing

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Yes, this does happen often. Luckily with all the available content leaders and employees will hopefully start trusting the people they have surrounded themselves by. Thanks for sharing! #7

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Unfortunately fear is usually the only motivator a visionless leader can come up with. Fear of losing your job. Fear of being passed up for a promotion. These tactic are used daily with the outcome being the same. A brand thats as interesting as watching grass grow. Trust your people. Give them room to shake it up a bit and watch what happens!

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Great Read! Leaders need to step back and look at the forest, not the tree in front of them. How will you keep your employee morale up?
Comments welcomed, as we know leaders are thinking about creative ways to change and create positive attitudes!

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#1 #2 #3 @Carol Evenson: You have it on the nose! I'm lovin' this post! I'm Tweetin', Buzzin', and doing the most to let people know that it isn't so hard to treat people like humans instead of like a postcard. Don't send them away with just a turse note...give them your best, train them to emulate yourself, and build strong leaders from within your own Camp! Hive! Yes...your own Hive! That is what keeps any business alive. People. Love. Humanity. Awesome Buzz!

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Employees Moral could be affected by lack of transparency, respect, accountability, humility, and Micro Management. Lack of employees participation and feedback. Employers unwillingness to balance associates work and family life. There is a great need for work life balance.

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