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10 Best Countries To Combine Travelling And Studying Abroad

10 Best Countries To Combine Travelling And Studying Abroad

Going abroad for studies and travelling at the same time is a dream come true for many around the world. It is the desire of every adventurous soul to travel overseas to an unknown place and start a new chapter of life. In fact, there are quite a few individuals that claim travelling to be beneficial for the human mind, with some people travelling for this very purpose. However, students also pursue travel for a number of other reasons.

To start, obtaining a degree from abroad opens up much more professional opportunities and allows students to gain useful language, professional and social abilities. These are amazing to add to your CV, with the entire process being enjoyable to the very end. However, if you are confused as to which country has the best academic opportunities in store, as well as the most scenic of sites, you can go over the following countries and choose your dream destination.


France often appears on the list of countries best for travelling and studying, and that is for a good reason. Having such a prominent position in Europe, France has access to some of the best universities and travelling opportunities in the world. When you factor in the scenic countryside and natural beauty with the low fees charged by institutions, this is a hard choice to give up. Depending on the university you go for, you might be required to show proficiency in the French language, although courses in English can also be found easily. The rich culture, combined with academic opportunities makes this a hard place to pass.


Located in the corner of the world, Australia is among the best destinations for students hoping to travel and study simultaneously. The island nation is home to the globe's top universities and features views which cannot be seen anywhere else on earth. The environment here can be described as laid back, with the ample amount of international-level sunny beaches serving as perfect spots for a summer getaway. Academically, Australia consists of numerous universities which, being in an English speaking country, are a great choice for students not keen on learning a new language. The sheer size of this country has many spots where young travellers can unwind and explore the great outdoors.


Japan is one of the more premium destinations if you are willing to cope with the bustling city life. Here, you can find some of the leading universities in the eastern hemisphere offering a variety of different courses. You have the choice of living in Tokyo, the packed commercial capital, or a smaller town elsewhere in the country. Due to their well-connected railway system, transportation wouldn't really be an issue, and the cities are best explored on foot to truly experience the vibrant culture. You can also head over to the countryside and visit some of the most untouched forests currently on the planet.


China is among the best places in Asia for someone who loves to travel long distances, experience different cultures, and receive a quality education, all in the same country. China is among those countries which are best left to the adventurous few. The reason, China is a huge country comprising of many provinces. Due to their rich cultures, these provinces are effectively mini-countries with their own heritage and traditions. This country is also amazingly cheap to live in, making it possible for international students to live luxuriously without breaking the bank.

United Kingdom

Home to the famed Oxford and Cambridge universities, the UK can be defined as the nexus of the academic world. Due to its position in the academic sphere, the city is home to an ample amount of services that can help you with all your university needs. If you are looking for formatting or dissertation literature review help, you can easily do so as the academic standards here are incredibly high. This country is also rich in the cultural department too. You can visit art museums and palaces, which are some of the finest in the world.

United States

If there is any country that has all the wonders of nature and the best opportunities for education, then it has to be the United States. One of the best things about getting an education in the United States is the vast number of internationally acclaimed universities and opportunities to grow in an equal number of fields. It is one of the top travel destinations in the world, and that is for a good reason. The country has nearly everything modern nature ash to offer in the form of beaches, mountains, deserts, plains, forests and so on. For anyone wanting to explore all natural features in a single place, there really is no replacement.


Holding an important place in the European continent, Germany is home to a number of world-class universities that, surprisingly, have free tuition. For any automotive enthusiast, Germany is the home of technological innovations, with globetrotting companies such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche having their headquarters located there. This technical prowess allows students to not only get technical degrees that are peerless but also utilize their skills in a progressive environment. Germany is also home to a plethora of cultural festivals, the most famous of which being Oktoberfest, and has a rich drinks culture which will suit even the most veteran connoisseurs.


This Nordic nation is said to be the cutting edge of human lifestyle throughout the world. Its location in the north allows it to enjoy cool weather and its adoption of modern eco-friendly technological measures makes it among the cleanest countries anywhere on earth. For students, Sweden contains numerous reputable universities which are great if students want to both pursue quality education and explore the vast reserves of natural beauty. The cities around the country feature traditional architecture and the presence of natural water bodies makes it great for boating and other aquatic activities.


Geographically speaking, Canada is the second largest country in the world, and that allows it to possess features that are stunning, to say the least. In terms of academics, Canada is among the most travelled to countries due to their liberal policies and multicultural environment. People, hailing from all countries of the world are proud to call Canada their home, making it a perfect country to settle in for international students. The country is home to universities which are internationally rated and offer courses in a variety of different subjects. Due to bustling cities such as Toronto and Montreal, the city is a major hub for business and commerce too.


At first sight, you might be led to believe that Italy would be overshadowed by its greater European neighbors, but that isn't really the case. The country has a rich and detailed past and holds an important place in world history. This heritage allows it to have an equally rich academic history and features leading universities. The best part of coming to Italy is seeing just how well the old, traditional cultures mix with modern, current-gen innovations. The main cities feature beautiful architecture and towns, while the outskirts have equally picturesque landscapes that seem to draw you in. Italy is also a food-lovers dream come true as the vast number of restaurants feature classic and authentic cuisine options.

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