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5 Home Improvement Tips

Most homeowners know that when it comes time to sell your home, you will get the best price for it by putting some money into it before putting it on the market. There are, however, right and wrong ways to spend your money when it comes to home improvements in preparation for a sale. While kitchens and bath remodels tend to bring the best ROI over time, they are not the best ways to spend your money just before a sale. Here are 5 of the best home improvements you can do to actually increase the sale price of your home and make it most attractive to buyers.

5 Home Improvement Tips

1. Paint the front door

One of the best improvements you can make is both the simplest and possibly most inexpensive. Increasing the overall curb appeal of your home by painting trim and having it professionally landscaped is great, but for one of the best quick and easy, down and dirty upgrades that will make your home infinitely more attractive to buyers, just give the front door a fresh coat of pain.

2. Replace or repair the roof

Buying a new home is expensive, particularly for first time home buyers who don't yet understand the full cost of owning a home. One of the best things you can do to make your home most attractive to buyers is give them the peace of mind of knowing that the "bones" of the house are safe and secure. There is probably no other major improvement you can do to increase the value of your home in preparation for a sale than roof repair or replacement.

3. Replace siding

Like the roof, siding is the "skin" of the home that will protect the bones from mold, mildew and other weather-related damage. In addition to providing protection for your home, new siding will also give it a fresh facelift and provide a significant boost to your home's curb appeal.

4. Install gutters

Gutter installation is another home improvement that will help assure buyers they are making a rock solid investment. Gutters will also help protect both your new or repaired roof and new siding. Gutters help carry water away from your home which prevents build-up of water which can create a great deal of damage to the exterior structure of your home.

5. Finish basement

Not all of the most valuable improvements take place on the exterior. By finishing a basement, you not only add valuable square footage to your home, but you also provide the new owners with immediate income potential. By installing a small kitchenette and bath in the basement, you create the potential for the basement to be used as a mother-in-law or rental apartment. Once again, moving can be expensive, so if you can provide the new owners with a way to immediately supplement their