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Friends are like waves of the sea: sometimes they are far away because of circumstances, others are close and flood our soul with joy. No matter the distance that separates them from us, because in one way or another they always make us realize that their presence will be eternal.

To all those I meet daily and those who also marked my life but followed another destiny, I want to thank you very much for the valuable, unique and special friendship that we still have!

We often find it difficult to express to friends how much we appreciate them. We do not know how to find the right words or gestures with which we understand ourselves, with which we reach the hearts of those we like. But as soon as we find the right words, our friendship is strengthened and cemented, no matter how far it separates us from these friends, for the feeling we share has become unshaken and eternal.

The friendship we feel is so beautiful and pure, we feel so much when we do not write or receive news of these friends. They are friends who often make us happy when we are sad and need a friendly word, a message, a message or even a "hello" from our friend who did not give us any news. And when we received an phone call, an email after all this time, is this very moment that we wanted to hug them and say without fear ... "I like and admire you as if you were a relative of mine ... !!