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Human Selfishness

The human selfishness ... just thinking of himself .. is exhibiting and causing for the world a huge loss.

Most people with this sense, spend every day imagining and living in a world they have created for themselves ... with their values, ... and an enormous capacity not to be harmed by the pain of others, but .... they always complain when they do not receive the attention they feel they deserve ... !!.

This lack of broad vision, where they can not see beyond himself, ... has made the world smaller each day ...... in all respects.

They want peace in the world, but they do not move a finger to make it happen.

They believe in God, but nobody wants to be willing to help you build better world, where everyone can have the freedom of achievements.

You ever seen heros nowadays ... ??... Yes ... they exist in most of our humanity ... we are the anonymous heroes...We all desire good for all people in this wonderful world ... except for these selfish people who only think of themselves .

This selfish thought is destroyng the dream of the mankind tomorrow.

Selfishness in small doses does not hurt anyone, but when it is too it ends up isolating the person of our real World..!!

We need to share with all our thoughts, our feelings... Yes, we need to share .. !!

What is a wonderful day if we do not have someone to share?...

What are our joys and adventures with no one to share with us?...

Sharing is good, and this is true for all...At the time we will discover the wonders of giving, of receive the affection and friendship of all people..!! Believe me...!!

Human Selfishness

Brian McKenzie 11/3/2018 · #1

Share implies a certain tit for tat, never once in my life have I seen that.