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Our Dreams...!!

Our Dreams...!!

The Dream, we only realize it after we wake up, after it's over !!

And exists the great will for us to dream a little bit more.

There are people who are ever a dream !! A dream that we would sleep for the rest of our lives, yes its true !!

But fate comes in our dreams and makes us feel another reality, and makes us try to dream again.

By all this, there are people who are stars ... Candies, lights that adorn and illuminate the dark nights of our lives.

But the dawn comes and robs us with all its clarity these star so beautiful.

There are people who are flowers ... Discreet beauties that brighten our way, but over time, the flowers wither, and fill us with longing for their color and their scent...!!

There are finally people who we call simply "love"...!!

A sweet love like the honey of a flower ... that blossomed in a star

and that came to us in a beautiful dream!

And still good that they are love, because flowers, stars or dreams, sooner or later, ... they end ... but the Love ... ??

The Love never ends .... !!!

PS.: ...It is hard to see how  love  becomes eternal and unconditional. During our life we meet many people and we meet them in different situations, but only a few remain for a long time. There are friends who come up inexplicably and become special without being counted on. They are those who have a genuine personality, a good heart and who struggle every day to see a smile on our face.

For all this I always say that in the midst of the anguish of life "always smile, because there is nothing sadder than to see and feel the sadness of not knowing how to smile"