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Who Am I...??

Who Am I...??

For a long time we have been encouraged to live in a standardized world where there is a standard body, a standard lifestyle, and so many others that influence us to look at the world in a standardized way.

Obviously, we must follow certain rules, because if each one live his way without any limitation, it would be impossible to live in society, but the individuality of each person needs to be maintained and should never be violated.

We live with immense numbers of people, and with globalization we see ourselves getting closer to people sharing different cultures, different biotypes and especially ways of seeing the world completely different. It does not matter the opinions that come from outside, what others think about what you are or should be..!!

What really matters is the opinion you have of yourself...!!

What will really make a difference in you and in the eyes of others is within you. It is very important that you respect and love yourself, because if you don't like it or you don't believe in yourself, nobody will do it for you.

Knowing yourself is fundamental. Learn to appreciate what gives you pleasure. Respect your feelings. Don't be afraid to be what you are.

If you do, you will feel a pleasant warmth in your chest, a delightful joy that will make your life more beautiful and put more seduction into your smile.

This beauty of the soul that is reflected in true feelings attracts, conquers, seduces. It is the charisma.

And if you throw away your "dream of love," let it happen naturally, enjoy people as they are, you will discover just how much beauty, dignity, dedication, and love they are capable of...!!

By all this...If you ask who am I..!!...I'll never have a short answer to give you. For I'm a much, within a single person.

Today I'm like this, but yesterday I was different and tomorrow I want to change other things in me. That's why I'm this set of what I was, I'm and I want to be.

I'm the result of many tears, and even more smiles. I live with dreams and the will to realize them.

I'm what life is making of me and what I want to be, but I never to harm someone and always to me feel happy !!

By this I have to be what am I ... !! ...So, I will say for all people ... this is me ... !