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Digital Transformation CEOs have a Collaborative, High Performance Leadership Style

Digital Transformation CEOs have a Collaborative, High Performance Leadership StyleDigital Transformation depends on company culture. Transformation CEOs must be able to create collaborative, high performance cultures in order to deliver new defendable market positions.

High Performance cultures,

  • Have collaborative climates,
  • Enable employees across organizations to perform at their highest level possible,
  • Understand the best employees have the option of producing their best work at another company,
  • Winning in the market place starts by winning the talent war,
  • Recognizing the talent war goes beyond recruiting and retention and extends to the everyday choice employees make about their individual performance.

Transparency and Integrity,

A strong Transformation Culture depends on treating employees like adults. There is no better place to start than integrity. Integrity is a 360 decree process whose report card is follow-ship and employee morale. 

Warren Buffett said, "I look for honest, able management". Find a board, leadership team, or company with secrets kept from one another and it is a sure bet employees, partners, and customers have a growing trust and confidence concern. Find the opposite, and time will reward that company with desired results. Leaders must demonstrate honesty by,

  • Clearly communicating an understanding of the company’s assets and weakness,
  • Legitimately grade focus, mission, strategic relevancy, roles, and tactical capabilities, and share results,
  • Set ethical standards and provide clear, accurate performance report cards,
  • Lead by example,
  • Abhor hidden agendas,
  • Hold themselves and others accountable.

Transformation Leadership requires an identifiable Style that signals change. Digital Transformation leaders are required to be change agents. 

Today Digital Disruption comes at a more globally diverse, gender and generational competitive, and socially complex time whereby the employee culture melting pot demands collaboration with diversity.

  • Effective Transformation CEOs embrace varying employee and external views as valuable data to be assimilated in the company fabric,
  • Transformation CEOs must reflect a new age