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Every Company Will Face Digital Disruption. This Is How To Respond

Every Company Will Face Digital Disruption. This Is How To Respond

Be Like Tom Brady, Fear not Disruption. Plan to defend and respond by Becoming a Disruptor.

There is a lot to learn fromTom Brady’s come from behind Super Bowl win. Digital Transformation’s impending disruption will appear to many company’s like being down 27-3 at halftime. Disruption must be met with courage, experience, skill, and leadership. Digital Transformation leaders see the market’s competitors, have an innate will to win, and an over pronounced never give up attitude.

This article serves as a Digital Transformation Guide and uses NEC's Successful Digital Transformation as a case study. NEC's Digital Transformation was based on,

  • Vision cast at the beginning of the Cloud Era,
  • Recognition that Internet Protocol (IP) was an open systems based operating system for internal networks,
  • Prediction that the network industry market would require a TurnKey Solutions and Services Provider,
  • Expectation that the market would require a vertical market solutions portfolio,
  • Belief that network IP treated as an open systems operating system would be best served by a LifeCycle Services Practice that meets all inter networking needs of customers.

All Digital Transformations are,

  • Outcomes Based on a new Digital Method that Places a Company into a New, Defendable Market Position,
  • Results that are delivered under a new business model
  • Digital Growth that is Rapid.

This article addresses,

  • How To Identify Digital Transformation Leaders,
  • Why Great Transformation Leaders develop a Transformation Culture,
  • Utilizes NEC's perilous, successful Digital Transformation,
  • Identifies Key Transformation Leadership skills,
  • Describes a Conductive Transformation Leadership Style,
  • Outlines Communications Requirements,
  • Defines an Effective Transformation Decision Making Process.

Digitally Transforming a company is high stakes chess that requires,

  • Ability to See the Big Picture,
  • Ability to See Outcome / End Game,
  • Ability to Quickly Determine Sense and Nonsense,
  • Ability to Think Strategically and Act Tactically,
  • Ability to Link Strategy, Tactics, and Actions into a Cohesive Plan,
  • An