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Get Creative with Different Types of Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps have been in use since time immemorial, especially for sealing important documents. Traditionally, rubber stamps were meant for official use; to mark the company profile on documents. However, this is beginning to change as more people are using rubber stamps to be creative and useful in more fun ways.

Traditional rubber stamps must be long pressed on an inkpad before pressing them on the intended surface. If you have used an inkpad before, then it is likely that you know how messy traditional stamps and inkpads can be, especially if you have multiple documents to stamp. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the mess anymore, thanks to the introduction of pre-inked rubber stamps.

Get Creative with Different Types of Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

Just like the name suggests, when using pre-inked rubber stamps you will not need the inkpad, and your work will be neater.With that said, there are 2 types of pre-inked rubber stamps; the laser engraved pre-inked rubber stamps and the flash pre-inked rubber stamps.

These 2 types of rubber stamps are quite convenient especially for official use and here is why;

· For both the laser engraved and flash rubber stamps, there is a special type of oil that is infused in the stamp. Therefore, by using these two types of rubber stamps, an inkpad wouldn’t be necessary because the infused oil triggers the flow of ink from the rubber stamp itself and is easily pressed on the surface you intend to stamp.

· Pre-inked rubber stamps are easy to work with, and are designed to regenerate after every press. Therefore, if you are going for perfection, choosing pre-inked stamps would be a great choice for you.

· Just like the self inking rubber stamps, the pre-inked rubber stamps are convenient and have a more compact design that makes them easy to use.

· Because you no longer have to long press the stamp on an inkpad, the pre-inked stamps give you a finer and high quality mark compared to the traditional rubber stamp marking.

· Lastly, pre-inked stamps are of high quality and create multiple marks without the need for re-inking.

Can I personalize my rubber stamps?

Of course you can. This is a question that hundreds of people ask rubber stamp manufactures. Because rubber stamps are mostly used by companies as a way of brand endorsement, it would be a great idea to personalize your stamps.

For example, if you intend to give your regulars a Christmas gift, then you can include an official rubber stamp maybe with information like ‘Christmas Greetings’, ‘Thanks for being our trusted customer’, and so on.

Now that you know of the best types of rubber stamps and also the fact that you can fix a personal message on your stamp, your next step would be finding a stamp manufacturer.Let your manufacturer understand exactly what you want. Last of all, choose your rubber stamp material wisely, choose a size that works best for you and choose one that is within your budget.