What’s the difference between a Modem and a Router?

The router and modem are the two different peripherals that had been used in the computer. Even though the two devices would looks similar but they two are used for different purposes.

What’s the difference between a Modem and a Router?


The router is small boxes with its help you can able to easily connect up multiple of the computer network to join together. It would provide several Ethernet ports for wired connections and most modem or wireless connectivity.

The wireless router would normally have one or two different movable antennas on its sides. It would connect multiple of computers and also the other devices to connect into it. As like the smart phones and tablets to join in the networks.


The modem would be connected to your ISP that would typically provide either the cables. The cable modem would contain the coaxial connection that is as like same type of connectors found on your TV or cable box. It is used for connecting to the cable port on wall.

Main difference between router and modem

Difference 1:

· The routers are used for connecting the two different networks as one.

· The modem is used to connect the device to your phone line.

Difference 2:

· The router only would connect the RJ45 type of connectors.

· The modem needs both RJ45 and an RJ11 for the phone line.

Difference 3:

· The router would provide you the security measures that are used for protecting your network.

· The modem would not provide this kind of security.

Difference 4:

· The modem is essential for connecting to the internet while the router does not require.

How does it get processed?

You can connect the router providers for accessing the LAN. When you want to connect device on a network there is a need for the router to get connected with the modem, follow this site RouterInstructions.com for more details. After connecting the modem to your router all your other devices would get connected to your router and you can access the modem through that. The router would provide you a local IP address to each connected devices.

What does the router do?

The router is used for connecting the multiple of the network and routes the network traffic between them and it would be simple. In your home network the router would have a single connection to your internet and another connection to your private local network. In additional to that it contains the built in switches that would connect the multiple of the wired devices.

In simple the router would sit between the internet connections on your local network. Through this it would let you to connect multiple of devices to your internet through using one physical connection and another local network and this both is used for communicating between the each other.

The router would offer you some protection for your devices over being exposed directly into the internet and it would check out all the traffic coming from a single device. It would keep on tracking all the information’s that is happening in the network.

What does the modem do?

The modem acts as the bridge between your local network as well as your internet. The modem is also known as the modulator – demodulator.

· In this the modem is used for modulate the signals through the telephone lines so that the digital information would be encoded in it and then it would be transmitted over them.

· In demodulator it would used for decoding the process on the other side.

Through the modem has broad banded connection like cable and satellite they really don’t work on the same way. The modem would get attached to your network through establishing the different type of the connection that you had made.

The modem would plug in the different types of the infrastructure as like the cable, telephone, satellite and through using this it would give you a standard output that had been plug into any router and from there it would get the internet connections.

Some of the IPs would offer you both modem and a router in the single device and it holds the electronic and software in it to prove both function would acting on the modem that would communicate with your ISP and functioning as like a router that is used for creating a home networks.