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A Short Script.

A Short Script.Ext. lush green park. - NIGHT

A man and a woman, are running together. He has earbuds in and is humming to a rap song. She is talking through a head set. They are in their thirties, slim and are very attractive. They both run towards, a body of water. The woman takes off her headset, then her clothes. The man does the same, he takes off all his clothes and rests his iPod on the clothes. Both run naked in the water. Their names are Lily and Martin Chavez.


Baby, do you see how liberating this is?


It is exciting, this doesn't stop me from wanting you to get a job Martin.

Martin, caresses Lily's cheeks. She turns her head and kisses his fingers one by one. Martin takes the cue, and caresses between her legs. They have sex, in the water. Someone, spies on them. They are unaware they are being watched.


(strokes Lily's hair)

I love making you happy Lily. I want everything to be perfect between us.



I love making love to you too Martin. We should do this more often.

They spend a few minutes laying in each others arms. After, they got dressed and leave. The person who spied on the couple follows.

Int. Chavez loft - MORNING

The Chavez house is bustling, Lily, Martin, the maid and the two Chavez girls are getting ready for school and work. It was loud.


Lily, the girls and I will be visiting mom today.