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A Handful of Fun Ideas for Summer

A Handful of Fun Ideas for Summer

So this happens every time.

You're planning for your precious summer break, you've managed to save some money, none of the inner circle will be missing out, no big ceremony or surprise wedding party. You're all set to have the last summer of your life.

Suddenly you find yourself scratching your head - what to do this year?

Wait! You don't have to dig into deeper thoughts. To ease your life a little bit, here's a quick list of head-banging and mind-freaking summer event/fun ideas.

Wild Fun with Friends

  • Karaoke night
  • Cocktail party
  • Day-long pool party
  • Murdering laser tag

Fun Sports Tournaments

  • Beach volleyball (oh yeah)
  • Pool handball (not for no-swimmers)
  • Swimming competition (again...)
  • Surfing
  • Water balloon baseball
  • Cricket

Summer Adventure with Coworkers

  • Multi-day hiking
  • Cyclists' cruise
  • Camping (you know this was coming)
  • Walkathon
  • Scavenger hunt mission
  • Bewildering travels 

Outdoor Event with Everyone

  • Ice-cream/Popsicle fest
  • Mega kite fest (beach or open ground)
  • Yard sale/flea market
  • DIY crafting tournament
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Food eating tournament
  • Pet show

    Do you think you're up for this?

    Go ahead a make a full-proof plan with you dear buddies. To get the details on how to make these events more interesting read the full article in EventBookings blog.

    Have a blast in this summer.

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