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Once more unto the breach oh ye soldiers of peace!

Once more unto the breach oh ye soldiers of peace!

A tongue-in-cheek piece inspired by Jim Murray and Phil Friedman's incisive blog at:

After reading Jim & Phil's excellent critique of the current US administration I started reflecting on the last major organized protests against a US government and considering just how long it would take for a concerted opposition campaign to crystallize around the artistic community this time around.

Ironically  it was an erstwhile Canadian hippy who lead the charge last time. Commenting on the lack of artists writing songs critical of the George W. Bush administration at the time, Neil Young said, "I was hoping some young person would come along and say this and sing some songs about it, but I didn't see anybody, so I'm doing it myself. I waited as long as I could."

The "Living with War" album which followed in 2006 was a concept album which comprised a sustained indictment of Bush's policies. Neil later mobilized CSNY for the follow up "Freedom of Speech "tour which mobilized a whole lot more Americans.

So how long is it going to take this time and who will lead the charge? Well given ratings polls and the level of opposition and protest since day one of this administration my money's on the artists/musicians to start mobilizing before this year's out. Don't bet against Neil again leading the charge given the apparent lack of interest in political protest amongst the younger generation of artists. With CSNY currently in a seeming 'permanent feuding' state  he may need to enlist the likes of Bruce, Bonnie and Jackson to the cause...hell there may even be a spot for Jim Murray on the drums!

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