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Poem for Claire

Poem for Claire

"Some girls always wasted time

Keep you hanging on the line

Some girls rode horses and always stayed at home,

But the Stainsby girls loved the Rolling Stones..."

Chris Rea - Stainsby Girls, 1985 

Christened Claire but known as Kitty

It’s my pleasure to write her this ditty

Originally from over the sea

Our Kitty’s now an African Bee

Her writing output is simply prolific

And the contents in one word – terrific!

Architecture in all its forms

(More the exceptions, not the norms!)

Wacky buildings come thick and fast

Built for comfort (only some to last !)

Some with curves, others edges

And the strangest looking ledges

Stunning images - what a treat

Some look good enough to eat

And others are built to float

With a place like these who needs a boat?

Infotainment for all us Bees

Interesting, a fresh cool breeze!

A hippy child

Not meek nor mild !

Sometimes wild?

“All true!” she smiled

Kitty has a heart of gold

Doubt if she’ll ever get old!

In the end when all is told

She’s a great lady, bright and bold!

Claire L may just possibly be mentioned in this article my friend!

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Jennifer Leach-Trask Oct 6, 2018 · #25

What a beautiful poem @ Chris R Guest! I must learn more about Kitty, she may be a kindred sister. Thank you for sharing.

Jerry Fletcher Apr 22, 2018 · #24

Methinks I've wandered into party full of raving intellects. What fun!

Kevin Baker Apr 20, 2018 · #23


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Claire L Cardwell Apr 19, 2018 · #22

#21 Ho, ho, ho and a Bottle of Rum eh @Randall Burns!

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Randall Burns Apr 19, 2018 · #21

#20 #6 #9 #10

Holy Crap!

I forgot the rum!

You need 5 oz Coconut rum, "Malibu" brand will work in a pinch but if you can find it "Ricardo" Coconut Rum from Bahamas is the best.

You also need to squeeze the juice out of the 2 limes after you zest them.

Add the lime juice and Coconut rum to the custard mix, (egg yolks and sugar) as you're heating it, Step 1

I think that's it

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Claire L Cardwell Apr 19, 2018 · #20

@Randall Burns - thank you, thank you, thank you - can't wait to try this!

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Randall Burns Apr 18, 2018 · #19

#6 #9 #10

LMAO!!! You have to remove the vanilla bean before you freeze it, (the seeds will stay in the cream, they appear as tiny black specks

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Randall Burns Apr 18, 2018 · #18

#6 #9 #10
Scotch Bonnet & Coconut Ice Cream
4 cups of coconut cream* , use canned coconut milk, DO NOT SHAKE Can, open gently, cream will be a solid on the top, remove and use this, save coconut water for other applications., (will need 4 to 5 cans)
2 cups heavy cream
1 Cup Milk
1 can condensed milk (sweetened)
12 Egg Yolks
1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar
6 T Honey, (from African Bee)
1 Vanilla Bean, split with seeds squeezed out
1 to 2 Seedless Scotch Bonnets, (or Habaneros), (save seeds for cooking elsewhere), very fine diced, “brunoise”
Lime zest from 2 limes, blanched and fine diced, “brunoise”
Easy Preparation
1. Whisk egg yolks and sugar in a double boiler until a thick foam is formed, continue whipping until a thick “sabayon”, (custard), is achieved
2. Warm milk and heavy cream with vanilla bean, vanilla seeds, (that you scraped out of bean), lime zest, honey, condensed milk, and scotch bonnet, bring just to a simmer and remove from heat.
3. Add coconut cream to hot milk and mix just until incorporated
4. Combine ingredients 1 and 2 while still hot and fold with a spatula allowing to cool naturally
5. Toasted shredded coconut can be added into the mix at this point if desired, (or not), 6 T
6. Place in ice cream maker and process
You can taste the cream while it’s still hot to check the intensity of the pepper and you can always add more but remember if there’s too much you can’t take it back out again.
This goes well with coconut tuiles, banana tuiles, mango sauce or many other things, the sky’s the limit…

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