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Interested or Interesting?

Interested or Interesting?

Every Sunday morning, I write an email. I send it to those who have chosen to come along for the ride as I try to figure out the mark that I would like to make on this great blue-green planet. The voyage since mid-2014 has primarily centered on my passion for entrepreneurship and my belief that sales can be really darn fun. Entrepreneurs who choose to make their businesses human businesses are sure to succeed.

The last couple of weeks, I have been building a case for my partners to go out and grab the magic of connecting with others. Doing that really is the first step in building a tribe. A thriving business, following, or movement cannot be achieved in a vacuum. Everything that we would like to achieve must be done with and through other people.

I would like to draw your attention to a subtle but important twist on how to connect on a deep, meaningful level. Whether your connections join your tribe, as a follower, customer, sharer, liker, or contributor, is a by-product of this subtlety.

Let me tell you two stories before I spell it out for you.


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