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Literature Review in Dissertations: Key Aspects to Consider

A literature review in dissertations is the most challenging part of the project, but it is also one of the most important parts. A poorly written review can derail the whole dissertation, which is why it is crucial to devote enough time and efforts to the completion of this section of your project.

It seems like you are about to start writing the literature review in your dissertation, which means you might have some questions and doubts about it. Writers from mypaperswriting are glad to explain you right now several pivotal aspects of preparing literature reviews in dissertations.

Literature reviews in dissertations: know the purposes

This is actually what you should start with. You need to have a clear understanding of the purposes of writing a literature review in a dissertation. Some of the important purposes are:

to narrow the scope of your research;

to come up with new perspectives and views on a problem;

to find the most useful research approaches;

to figure out what is already known and what needs to be investigated;

to establish rationale behind your research problem.

Literature reviews in dissertations: decide on its organization

Literature Review in Dissertations: Key Aspects to Consider

There are several ways to organize a literature review in a dissertation, and you will have to decide which particular way suits you best:

chronological format;

methodological format;

conceptual format.

Literature reviews in dissertations: take necessary steps

To create a high-quality literature review in a dissertation, you should take the right steps in the right order:

formulate a problem;

collect data;

evaluate data;

analyze and interpret it.

Finally, when you think you have taken all the necessary steps, make a dissertation literature review outline first, and then the final draft. Mind that the rest of your project should also be thoroughly planned. Here, you can read about a dissertation outline.