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From David Letterman's Desk: The Top 10 Reasons Why the GOP Should've Dumped Trump and You Must Elect Hillary Clinton

(This is Part of the Author's Acclaimed Series on the Anti-Trump Movement )

1. The President Must have Moral Character & The GOP Used to Have Morals (Read #1 then skip to #8)

In fact, the GOP used to be regarded as the morally upstanding party, and the party that wouldn't tolerate such nonsense and hypocrisy that comes with Donald J. Trump being the party's presidential nominee. There is something ultra-hypocritical about the richest guy in the room, who's played the system his entire life for a good majority of his business dealings, making all his products overseas, buying up other people's distressed property and turning it into dollar signs, and then screwing hundreds and hundreds of people who worked for him and did business with him in his many floundering businesses that ended in corporate bankruptcy, leaving the many poor small business contractors and business owners waiting for the check they'd never receive. When Trump wins, the other guy gets screwed. That's not good business practices, or as one businessman recently told me, "I'm losing the faith I had in the Wharton School of Business." 

From David Letterman's Desk: The Top 10 Reasons Why the GOP Should've Dumped Trump and You Must Elect Hillary Clinton

Hillary holding a beheaded Donald Trump courtesy of the website Wonkette. 
Henry VIII or Judith and Holofernes

2. Donald Trump has NEVER had Morals & Jokes about Objectifying Woman

The Grand Old Party used to have morals. When was the last time any party especially the GOP who has always claimed to be more upstanding than the guys sitting beside him, nominated a presidential candidate who has had a history of cheating outside of the marriage, has been married three times (and counting) and has been written in many publications about his extra-marital affairs, even bragging about them and the diseases he contracted while running around on his wives. Have you seen the video on the Howard Stern show and the other times he's shot off his mouth in public about his escapades. Trump's marital history is more like King Henry VIII who killed off about half of his wives and first lobbied the Pope to allow marriage annulments. He's half way there.  

Then pretty much go down the list of just about everything Trump has done in this presidential campaign starting by building his campaign base on "The Silent Majority" campaign slogan taken from racist connotations of Carrol O'Connor's "Archie Bunker's" presidential support in the 1970's TV Show "All In the Family". "Don't look now but the coons are coming", Trump says. When a black man became president he immediately went to the racial card when he became the Godfather of the "Birther Movement" vowing that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is not a native born American at all but he's rather a native born Kenyan who's probably an Islamist sympathizer or who could be a Muslim. Trump's inception of the "Silent Majority Birther Movement" alone should've been a disqualifying life event, but since our U.S. Constitution does not contain any disqualifications for character in qualifying for the office, he's still in the race. For hundreds of years, it was an unwritten rule that a man had to have upstanding character to fill the highest office in the land.  that's apparently not the case now with Trump and his "Make America Great Again" campaign

How many completely fabricated conspiracy theories has Donald Trump used in his bid for the nomination? He went so far as to say Ted Cruz's father was in cahoots with Lee Harvey Oswald during the assassination of JFK. I find that pretty horrifying. Is his new Campaign Manager running the tabloids? What's next Muslims are now Christians too? 

3. He's a Fear Monger Salesman. He's Railroaded GOP Ethics by Taking a Page from Senator Joe McCarthy's Book of Lies and Hate by Creating Public Fear.  

He constantly attempts to confuse and baffle the news media by taking portions of hidden truth, that are actually lies or white lies, that prey on the fears and concerns of American society. His little white lie of thousands of Arabs in the USA cheering at the fall of World Trade Center on the death of thousands of Americans on 9/11 is prime example. Is it true? Not at all, but were there Muslims somewhere cheering? At least some extremists were. 

4. Trump is NOT the Financial Guru He Claims & He's an F.B.I. Profiled  Predator & "Groomer"

Read my earlier column on Trumponomics. It's a must read. 

Trump didn't decide to run for president in the last four to eight years as he let's on. He's called Pres. Obama incompetent and said catchy phrases which people have called him in making fun of Trump's complete ignorance. The Truth is... Trump has been grooming the American people for decades and has been planning and plotting the best way to get to the White House and make his childhood dreams come true. He wants to become the most powerful man in the world. I mean if he can't be the richest, why not become the most powerful? He's also been grooming the US citizens for the last eight years ever since Obama took office, by starting twitter wars vs. him and getting any press he could get by inciting the "birther" movement. He truly is a demagogue who has mastered the political art of grooming the most vulnerable voters of this country and meets the definition of ancient demagoguery of leadership by espousing populist beliefs of the "common people", uneducated, and most vulnerable. 

Or as Billionaire business mogul Michael Bloomberg said, Donald Trump is the exact opposite of what he says and he has no plan to succeed, and "Let's elect a sane, competent person in Hillary Clinton" he added. 

( read the above link is a true story from 1987 and there is video from his butler out there also)

5. Trump is the Islamic State's #1 Recruiter

Have you ever wondered why Barack Obama and the U.S. Government officials, don't like to say the words "Radical Islam" or Islamic Terrorism, or whatever choice term you want the official to say? They do this so that the jihadists have less propaganda to add to their recruiting videos and recruiting magazines. 

Trump's campaign of fear isn't helping solve the problem, he's actually facilitating the spread by igniting the fire of terrorism. They are using Donald Trump in their propaganda videos. Read, watch, and listen as CNN's Fareed Zakaria's explains how to stop Radical Islam in the final minutes of his masterpiece #WhyTheyHateUS. For starters, the US & it's people shouldn't claim that the war on terror is a war against Islam, or (all) Muslims as a whole. That just makes the problem worse.  

And as Khizir Khan, the father of killed American Soldier in the Middle East, said at the DNC "My late Muslim son was a proud American. Have you read the Constitution and what sacrifice have you made for your country. Trump is incapable of empathy, doesn't have a moral compass, and is a black soul who's unfit for political office." 

From David Letterman's Desk: The Top 10 Reasons Why the GOP Should've Dumped Trump and You Must Elect Hillary Clinton

6. Trump's Economic Policies are Likely to Start a Recession & Could Cause a Global Meltdown the Likes We Haven't Seen Before

The Donald is Dangerous. In fact, read anything written by someone who really knows economics and finance, and they are all killing Trump. The EIU rated a Trump presidency as one of the top 10 global risks. Just ask the UK about the repercussions of following views akin to Trump's populist & isolationist ideology when they recently voted to leave the EU in the #BREXIT vote. 

7. A Trump presidency is About as Safe a Risk as Playing Monopoly

Trump has changed his position on almost every political issue, and typically when it's most convenient. His isolationist policies and "Art of the Deal" tactics of bribery in his business negotiations, may in fact provoke war. If he doesn't get his way, Trump throws a fit. He's already established a "Red Line" with our ally Mexico and China. Which country is next? He can't even clearly dictate to the American People what it is exactly that China is doing that should is "killing" the USA as he says. Read this article find answers about China

From David Letterman's Desk: The Top 10 Reasons Why the GOP Should've Dumped Trump and You Must Elect Hillary Clinton

                                                "You're Fired!" 

Courtesy of NBC, Trump and "The Apprentice" TV series fired by NBC over bad etiquette & un-presidential behavior
8. "Donald Trump Isn't fit to Shine John McCain's Boots" - Retired Navy Officer, John Hutson 

My late grandfather was a WWII Veteran who was shot down on a B17 Bomber in Belgium near Nazi Germany lines, and as he famously stated in the press "nobody wanted to be a POW". He and his mates that were nicknamed "Mollers Maulers" that survived the crash were lucky #1 that they were alive and #2 they weren't captured by the enemy. For Trump to make fun of POW veterans, the state of the military calling the greatest fighting force in the world "a disgrace", and making fun of the those who are less fortunate than he (namely the disabled) is a complete and utter disgrace and is at it's core his actions are completely un-American and are evil! I'm a Son of the American Revolution, and he knows absolutely nothing about American pride. He is a disgrace to American values, excellence, and dignity. 

Have you seen what Former CIA Director Leon Panetta and Retired Navy Officer, John Hutson, two of the most bi-partisan and politically unbiased U.S. Military and CIA members have said about America's need to keep Trump out of The Office of the U.S. Presidency? And I quote, "If you love this country, you must do your duty and vote for Hillary Clinton as a Donald J. Trump Presidency would be catastrophic to the country's future, Panetta said. 

Retired Navy Officer Hutson also stated that 120 top Republican Security Advisors state that the US will be LESS safe under a Donald Trump Presidency. (Those are Republicans telling you that Trump is incompetent and not fit to serve). 

9. Nearly every major brand has cut ties with Donald J. Trump & Major GOP party members have fled

America really needs to fire this guy. When every major business brand cuts ties with Trump, Americans should know that he isn't in this for them and something is completely wrong his mantra. Many major traditional GOP leaders and party members like George Will have fled the ridiculousness and paganism that represents the current state of the Republican Party. 

10. Trump is the Biblical Anti-Christ! & He is Feared to be in Cahoots with Key Russian Businessmen, Leaders Like Vladimir Putin, and Probably the Russian Mafia

He admits that he never apologizes, even to God. Who's he? Need I say more...... He is on record as saying that "only he" can change the US Government's problems, he continually portrays himself as the country's Financial Savior and Government Expert (though he's never worked a day  in government or even studied the government), and he reiterated this again during the RNC when he accepted the party's nomination. He has been blasted for this type of dictatorial behavior by even those in the party including conservative talk show host Glen Beck. As this type of "All-Powerful", "All- Knowing", "Omnipresent behavior represents and is a quality of the biblical scholars definition of The Anti-Christ (a must read). He also has famously said that Americans must be less politically correct & act more like him speaking what's on their minds. This is also very dangerous behavior as I believe speaking what is on your mind can be interpreted (like a Bible Scholar) as acting unlike Jesus and acting more like Satan would act with no class. Jesus acted with class but Trump preaches the exact opposite. Trump is espousing and employing a very flawed and very dangerous type of thinking and all of these traits are character traits found in crazy authoritative dictators like Adolf Hitler. 

Because Trump doesn't like to pay his debts back to not only the banks but also other businesses creditors, US Banks have stopped lending to Donald Trump's business ventures, forcing him to obtain credit oversees believed to be Russian foreign banks and private money lender gangsters. Conservative columnist George Will recently penned an article fearing this and he is on record as stating that he will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. The sane vote in this election is for Hillary Clinton and not to Donald Trump. As Leon Panetta has said, if you love this country of the US you must vote for Clinton in this election.  

(11. Hillary's Father, Hugh Rodham Sr., and Brother, Hugh Rodham Jr., both are Penn State Alumni and former members of the Football Team playing under Head Coaches Bob Higgins and Joe Paterno respectively) 

-I'm true Blue-White who's school colors were originally Pink & Black, & a son of a former Nittany Lion & SAR. When those Pink and Black PSU Football uniforms faded from wear and washing, they became White and Navy colored.  I'm vowing for an annual Throwback Uniform Day game wearing those traditional Pink and Black PSU Uniforms. Imagine traditional PSU Throwback Uniforms in the Pink and Black. Very classy & very different from today's non-flashy uniforms much like the San Francisco 49ers wore last season.

From David Letterman's Desk: The Top 10 Reasons Why the GOP Should've Dumped Trump and You Must Elect Hillary Clinton          San Francisco 49ers show off their NFL traditional throwback uniforms

From David Letterman's Desk: The Top 10 Reasons Why the GOP Should've Dumped Trump and You Must Elect Hillary ClintonThe Green Bay Packers show off their NFL throwback uniforms, plain but classy! Bring back the Pink & Black with the black shoes, Penn State's original uniform. 

From David Letterman's Desk: The Top 10 Reasons Why the GOP Should've Dumped Trump and You Must Elect Hillary ClintonDonald Trump the Anti-Christ, Boy if you don't like HRC over Trump, the GOP "really has you & your soul!"

*The Author is a former Republican, who like George Will has left the GOP over Donald Trump's hypocrisy and will vote for Hillary Clinton, a competent & tested leader in trying times around the world.