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BeBee vs. LinkedIn: Some Numbers Behind the Writing Buzz

BeBee vs. LinkedIn: Some Numbers Behind the Writing BuzzProve it. That is something I insist on when anyone asserts an argument that they are right or that something is the next best thing to sliced bread.

So when a book gives advice on being a better LinkedIn writer, I test it. When someone claims that one website is better than another, I check the numbers. When multiple bloggers on BeBee said it was a better platform for getting views on your posts, I checked the numbers.

I compared my post statistics, which I’ve been cross-posting and cross-linking since July, for BeBee and LinkedIn. The top photo is a pivot table of the results for just views of my posts on both LinkedIn and BeBee. (Raw numbers are below.)

Some facts to note:

· BeBee tracks views in rounded numbers, i.e. +600 views or +1.3k. I used that flat number and didn’t add any for the “+”. +600 is 600. +1.3k is 1300.

· The Yes/No above the post title is Pulse pick up. Excel wouldn’t label the field. (Excel and I had a small dispute about that. Microsoft won.)

The results? Overwhelmingly, BeBee allows for more exposure. I would expect BeBee will allow more views than for any non-INfluencer writer/non-Top 10 Writer on LinkedIn because of its platform, which doesn’t limit exposure without pick-ups. I recognize that getting picked up by Pulse was not intended to limit views on LinkedIn, but it does function as a bottle neck.

There were only two posts where I got more views on LinkedIn than BeBee. The AdBlock Wars – The War of the 21st Century? was a LinkedIn writing topic that I wrote as a test of some advice. It was deliberately written to see what I needed to do to get picked up on Pulse. The advice worked and it got picked up by Pulse.

Don’t Go Broke in Search of Greener Pastures was the surprise for me. I wrote that one purely because it interested me and a few friends, but it got a lot more interest than posts I thought would garner more views. This post got quite a bit of Twitter and Facebook traffic as well thanks to a few friends.

Outside of those two posts, BeBee postings get more views by a longshot, often 10 times or more as many views. This and the affinity networking is why it is my favorite writing platform. It is far easier to reach a relevant and wider audience on BeBee than LinkedIn.

Does this mean I’m not going to focus on LinkedIn? Of course not. I see the two as complementary tools in my toolbox. Both are very useful and in different ways, but the numbers don’t lie either. BeBee definitely wins the hit count.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading! Have you compared your writing platforms? Which one gets you the best results? Tell us about your experiences writing on LinkedIn and on other platforms in the comments below!

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BeBee vs. LinkedIn: Some Numbers Behind the Writing Buzz

Abraham Labrada Romero Nov 8, 2017 · #72

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Javier 🐝 CR May 9, 2017 · #71

The 5 Advantages of Blogging Through beBee's Publishing Platform vía @beBee


Great analysis - and I agree views are not engagement! When people feel compelled to write a comment and interact that is engagement, as is sharing. Ultimately I am looking for the engagement that means I am connecting with people who want to know what I know as it helps solve a problem for them. And then takes people to the step of contacting me about how I can help!

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Javier 🐝 CR Apr 12, 2017 · #67

Your beBee engagement given your number of followers is very impressive too. For me, engagement is slower. I need to do a better job with my articles 😊😊😎😎😎

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad Oct 4, 2016 · #66

Good analysis. Keep up your passion growing on the beBee keeps swarming you'll gain more exposure.

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Jared J. Wiese Oct 4, 2016 · #65

I shared the 3rd post to a BA LI group - to see what happens with that measly 3,000 views here on beBee.

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