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Wimbledon and the ‘Law of Attraction’

Wimbledon and the ‘Law of Attraction’

Excerpt taken from my book, "Life of a Lifetime" (Business Expert Press, NY)

“How Can I Finally Make This ‘Law of Attraction’ I Keep Hearing About Work for Me?”

By taking a step back. If you feel the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, reassess how you are applying the concept. The truth is you aren’t the only one feeling unsure about all of this. The hype around this spiritual law and the suggestion that you can attract into your life anything you think about have certainly attracted one thing into the lives of many— disillusion.

The Law of Attraction is indeed a powerful law of the Universe. However, the way it has been packaged and sold has less to do with helping people create a better life and more with selling a much-desired product instead—namely hope. And hope certainly sells. Everybody needs a boost from time to time. So when people are told they can get what they want by simply sending out their wish to the Universe, of course they’ll find that fascinating. And of course they’ll be disillusioned because it’s not quite as simple as all that.

What you need to understand to make the Law of Attraction work for you is that this law is the underlying power in the process of co-creation. There’s a word in there some people seem to overlook—creation. 

Co-creation indicates that you create together with the Universe (Source, your guides, etc.) The Universe isn’t going to bring your manifested wishes to you on a silver tray. In other words, it’s you who needs to put in some effort first. This law is not about “ask and sit back,” but about ask and take action.

Lots of action and consistently working hard. That doesn’t mean you can’t take pleasure from working hard. If your goals are inspiring enough, working hard is downright enjoyable.

When you take action, the real guidance from the Universe will soon take place. When you create and take steps toward achieving your goals, the Universe co-creates with you. You will discover that the Law of Attraction is a spiritual channel through which inspiration, means, and opportunities are delivered to you.

It’s important to remember that the help will come to you in many different ways. Too many people look up to the skies, waiting for a pot of gold to drop into their lap. That’s not what the Law of Attraction is about. It’s about your willingness to experience this power as a sense of grace—a force that drives you forward.

Who would you rather support and reward in your life? Someone who begs you for help but doesn’t initiate action, or the individual who asks for your guidance and coaching while they are busy taking action? You get the point.

In addition to assuming your creative responsibilities, you also need to understand that invoking the Law of Attraction is all about attitude. Pursue your goals and dreams with a positive attitude. If something doesn’t work, try something else. Keep going, and don’t give up. If you give up, the co-creative energy that comes back to you is also one of giving up, reinforcing the negative downward spiral.

The same is true with frustration and impatience. Be careful. If you become frustrated, you only attract more frustration. For example, if you ask me, “How can I finally make this Law of Attraction work for me?” you radiate an energy of impatience and underlying frustration that will keep sending more frustration your way. But when you approach your goals with a positive attitude instead, meaning you are resolute about finding a way to get where you want to go, the co-creative energy will be positive in return.

What I notice is that people apply the Law of Attraction in the hope it will be a quick fix—a miracle pathway to seeing their wishes coming true immediately. When it doesn’t happen, they become disappointed.

But there is a reason why it doesn’t happen—a reason people may not want to acknowledge even though understanding it could help them.

The Law of Attraction is always available. However, it doesn’t always work when we command it to work. The law works in tandem with the Universal God Source and, in turn, with your soul. Therefore, the reciprocation you’ll receive from the Universe will be considerably more apparent on some occasions than on others. Your soul knows when you are going through a learning phase in which you will be better served by a reduction in the speed and flow of energetic reciprocation. So that’s what happens, a kind of gentle applying of the brakes for your own good.

Similarly, when you are in a phase when Universal support and guidance will be beneficial to your learning experience, the speed and flow will be increased, and you will find the Law of Attraction stronger and easier to invoke. This is another perspective that can set you free. It can also encourage you to keep taking action and keep moving forward, rather than putting too much hope in the Law of Attraction as your own personal fairy godmother.

Let me give you a very practical example. All the players who take part in a grand slam tennis tournament are eagerly looking to win the title. Let’s say initially there are fifty players, but of course there can be only one winner. Only one person out of all the participants will achieve “the dream.” Does that mean the Law of Attraction will work strongly enough only for the one person who will win the tournament? Did all the other players, even those who made it into the semifinals, send their wishes out to the Universe the wrong way? Did the other players not assume their role in the process of cocreation well enough? Of course not.

The Law of Attraction is available to every player during the tournament in the same way it is available to him throughout his entire life. But it is not a matter of wishing strongly enough. As is always the case with spiritual growth, it’s about seeing the bigger picture. For all the losing players, the motivation to move forward and try a different approach next time lies in the bigger picture. With a bit of willingness, they can look back and recognize how the Law of Attraction might not have sent them the trophy (yet) but many other worthwhile assets may have come their way—a good trainer, new connections, a sponsor who offers a lucrative deal, exposure on television, etc.

The Law of Attraction was very much in action for everybody during the tournament. However, it is always linked to a person’s particular stage of spiritual growth and therefore works with precisely the right intensity to contribute to that growth. In the bigger picture, the Law of Attraction has not failed any player. It has generously supported every individual in precisely the right way.

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