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Big Mind and Small Mind

Big Mind and Small MindFirst I must make it clear that how I view a big mind and a small mind is very different to how most people react to these words.  For me a big mind is a person who can think for themselves with a individual spirit, and a small mind is a person who can compress all the knowledge that could possibly be compressed in their head with a group-think mentality.

With the next 9 days or so fully occupied with preparing for a college event, I am missing the quality of big minds I have come across on beBee and I also miss the big minds that have sailed on through my learning journey at college, but not quite settling where it is I am offline.  Then there is my continued failure to read the works of big minds, actually paying more attention to the small minds of modern broadcast media.

In the perfect world, I would be in a room full of big minds and there are places like that offline but it is a blessing if one stumbles into that.  It is not just living minds that are big, but the media we choose as our attention : Big Mind and Small MindI do think we diminish more when we are grateful for things that were always within our own reach and gratitude is big when we learn to see something that we would never have seen otherwise.   That is invariably the gift that comes from the crossing and exchange of flow that is one big mind flowing through another.   That diminishing is an element of our own ego because if we are humble there is no sense of life becoming a process of accumulating.

In this regard we can and sometimes do accumulate knowledge, like we accumulate possession.  How heavy we can become in minds super compressed with knowledge, but not spending time to think through that compression.  Our brains are gray matter rather than a diamond, and even the term "a rough diamond" is a curious way of describing our knowledge.

A diamond has material value but the gray jelly in our heads has life value and somehow we have managed to shrink that value when it comes how we think and question what we think.  I have met many a learned professor with tightly compressed, full of quotable stuff and arguments, learned diligently and then in rote fashion, this is passed on to the younger generation, whose minds were actually shrunk by the shrink system we call education. 

I want my mind to be forever flexible, for our minds were meant to be big, and that is what all those folds and foldings in our brains do - increase the actual surface area of our minds.  Then how did we end up in a world of schooling that expects our jelly head to be a cut diamond - a showpiece rather than an existence.   When we typically talk of a big mind, we are actually talking about a small mind, but when we talk of a small mind, we don't see that person is actually a bigger mind than we conceived.  In this world of ours the pity is that appearances still matter,  and as I lose the compression of my own knowledge - I gain the bigger mind, that one which we born to engage a life as big as we can humbly make it.

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#22 Thanks @Karen Anne Kramer ~ CNN Women Leaders 2015 - the backdrop to the event that inspired this is my way of channeling frustration into creative energy. This is the third event of this type that has been organized at the college in over a year. None of them where we ready for and all of them I had suggested we not proceed. I am using Trello to help me organize it - once I factor in a general indifference to this event from the student body, and that the time I will be spending on it means I cannot be on beBee for the next week (at least until Saturday) and being this morning I waved goodbye to my spouse, my kids and my grandkids who off to a vacation in Jamaica, and on top of this I am receiving officious rules that I must abide with. So now I await pictures that will begin rolling in this week of my family having fun in Jamaica. It is in this backdrop that the nature of your intuition response that makes this buzz so satisfying to me and that is where the mind compass (the eventual thing that emerged from this buzz) is also so helpful to me, because it will keep me focus on the enlightened mind compass and not upon the shadow mind compass. I will be back at beBee next Saturday, time for me to do my bit for my college and officialdom, but now I am truly in the right frame of mind to remain creative rather than sob out the pettiness of a easy to engage pity party :-)

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@CityVP Manjit I was fascinated by your article. I tend to joke a lot but truly I am just completing my course in neuroscience. Hence, the science of the brain. even having finished nuclear physics I have many flashbacks. Not so scientific. Memories of how I have loved. My intuition has guided me as well as knowledge. Some are not willing to allow intuition guide them. I believe they do not understand that our minds are also mystical. Mainly due to steadfast religious doctrine. Their past and ongoing firm beliefs that faith has all the answers about love and other emotions. I think you have delved into a highly intellectual realm and I completely am absorbed.. it is so refreshing and gives me pause to ponder many possibilities about our minds. Thank you. well done and appreciated!

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#18 Dear @Karen Anne Kramer ~ CNN Women Leaders 2015 Perspective for others, reflection for self one can choose either. Now if I reflect upon six hours of zen music now that can lead to things really deep, but six minutes of social media, not so much.

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#17 Dear @Ali Anani I am have taken the mind compass that I have surfaced here to my Paradox Wisdom Hive, and called this reflection "Mind Compass"

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#15 @CityVP Manjit .. Totally agree .. size matters

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@CityVP Manjit very different perspective. My deal is high IQ and great phermones. ( I tend to go with science) I am a tacitile person and don't care big mind small mind just have a mind! ! Pretty shallow eh?

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#15 Technology is simply a catalyst for those state- love this

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Nicely done.

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