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Bridging Twitter with my BeBee Learning Journey

Bridging Twitter with my BeBee Learning JourneyPersonally for me, my online travels are a personal learning journey.  I have no idea what wisdom I will acquire in three years time, but any form of learning produces its own form of wisdom.  I originally found Twitter to be the best medium for my online explorations, but since beBee arrived, I have moved full square onto this platform.  The net transfer in my own personal time became a movement of time spent on Twitter to increasing time spent on beBee. 

With LinkedIn I still port back to that application, even though my learning space there incurs far less involvement, but still significantly more than what has been an abandonment of Twitter.  With a prompt from a fellow bee to answer their Twitter poll, I changed my Twitter headers and links so today the Twitter application is finally linked with the respective Learning Journey hives I created at beBee :  related to [0] to [1]            to [2]    to [3]  to [4]      to [5]          to [6]        to [7]           to [8]