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Bridging Twitter with my BeBee Learning Journey

Bridging Twitter with my BeBee Learning JourneyPersonally for me, my online travels are a personal learning journey.  I have no idea what wisdom I will acquire in three years time, but any form of learning produces its own form of wisdom.  I originally found Twitter to be the best medium for my online explorations, but since beBee arrived, I have moved full square onto this platform.  The net transfer in my own personal time became a movement of time spent on Twitter to increasing time spent on beBee. 

With LinkedIn I still port back to that application, even though my learning space there incurs far less involvement, but still significantly more than what has been an abandonment of Twitter.  With a prompt from a fellow bee to answer their Twitter poll, I changed my Twitter headers and links so today the Twitter application is finally linked with the respective Learning Journey hives I created at beBee :  related to [0] to [1]            to [2]    to [3]  to [4]      to [5]          to [6]        to [7]           to [8]         to [9]

With the Twitter accounts updated, I still need refresh the updated categories on beBee, and the only draw back of making these changes is that I always underestimate how much time it actually takes to create new headers, and this was what was holding me back from making this change much earlier.   Now it is mostly done, other than some updates I need to make to the beBee hives side of this particular learning journey. 

Bridging Twitter with my BeBee Learning JourneyThe new header @ society manjit is an example of the header format that has been applied across all my Twitter learning spaces.

Since the Orange Hive was taken, the link from Spectraneuron 3 is to the Naranja Hive (Naranja being Spanish for Orange). 

This Orange link covers my study of social media practice.

I do not religiously read tweet after tweet, but dip into this great river of content, and get a taste for what people are talking about.  At beBee I can contemplate at a deeper level and at Twitter browse quickly through content.  This was what I originally intended to happen, but now I have expended the time to make this bridge between beBee and Twitter, later on the week, I can begin to update following on Twitter. 

The following at Twitter comprises of 7 lists based on different brand, marketing, sales, online media etc categories that observes 24 people in each list.  That provides each account with a maximum of 168 possible people to observe - though the reality of Twitter is that 20% or about 30 to 35 of that observation probably represent the core traffic of content.

Last month with the 35th Edition I changed the core headers at beBee but still need to create the .png graphics to update those hives that now are linked to a new category.  As these categories change, so should the accompanying headers.  The core of this is not to deep dive in every direction, but organize content into colour streams and allow my thoughts to weave in the flow of those streams.  The process is meant to be emergent and therefore continously changing in content and shape.  The linkages between Twitter and beBee should have been made long ago, but late is better than not making them at all.  This is designed for my own personal learning and self-development purposes.

The names given to the account represent the names given to each learning space and do not represent an identity.  Some accounts I use my first name and some which have personal meaning to me, the key here is not social media development but learning media development.

At beBee the colour names for each learning space work better for me, principally due to beBee hive format, but the Twitter names allow me to compartmentalize material as personal learning.

Bridging Twitter with my BeBee Learning Journey

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