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Brighton Heap Misery on Hapless Spurs

Brighton Heap Misery on Hapless SpursThey call it an end of a cycle, which in football terms is a team that has been together so long, that it has got stale. Sir Alex Ferguson constantly refreshed his United side and then balanced those refreshed sides with his victorious and proven philosophy.  It is hard to say if the current Spurs manager has anything remotely close to the sophisticated philosophy that Ferguson applied.  If it isn't training your players into the ground, getting them to play to every living ounce of their fibre and watching them burn out near the season end, then what is Pochettino's philosophy. 

Add to the mix the philosophy of the Spurs chairman to make negotiating with him such a painful experience and having created enemies in those negotiations, the perfect storm has descended on the Tottenham team.  This team lost to Newcastle United, they lost on Saturday to Brighton and if calamity strikes against Watford, one would fear for the Argentine manager - and dedicated the one song that is most apt for him right now :

There could still be a strange Argentinian turnaround for this Spurs team.  Giovanni Lo Celso who was not match fit when he was purchased this year is still returning from an injury.  There is Juan Foyth another Argentine player who can come in at the problematic right-back position for Spurs.  Erik Lamela may find a new role in the team and after Spurs goalkeepers horrific elbow dislocation, Argentinian goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga came in and will know at least hold the position for a couple of months at minimum.  Maybe this contingent, who like the manager, who are all natives of Argentina, could be the strange assortment that brings Tottenham back out from the doldrums.

Brighton were playing without fear, and attacking like dogs who have smelled blood, and Spurs added another poor defeat to their littany of defeats recently - that is four defeats in the last five competitive outings.  Now Watford await next week and this team who play in a yellow and black kit are the potential banana skin for Mauricio Pochettino.  A poor defeat against Watford may see the Spurs manager let go - but that would be a calamity in the making itself.  Spurs need to stick with Mauricio Pochettino, when the gut reaction from Spurs fans is to get him "out of there".

The Brighton fans were jubilant and overjoyed by the 3-0 scoreline - that could have been a little more worse. They even at one point began to chant "We Want 7" - which refers to the 7 goals Bayern Munich scored against Tottenham last Wednesday.  The young kids who normally burst into tears if their teams fail, were so happy with Brighton's performance.  In the meantime the apprehension in the faces of the Spurs fans was palpable - but in the case of Pochettino, it is foolish to fire him - for who can Spurs bring in other than Jose Mourinho.

The main pictures coming out of Spurs front office this was new shots of Tottenham's NFL playing surface - which sits on a retractable grass pitch. Maybe the Spurs Chairman is more enamoured by placating the NFL - as Levy tries to make it a cashcow for the Tottenham Stadium team.  Brighton mastered their tactics and so hey deserved to win, especially when Spurs had all the limitations to contend with - and it comes down to Spurs players who have let the team down.  Pochettino looks like he is well aware of why Spurs are in a slump. 

It may be tempting to get Jose Mourinho into the Spurs hotseat, but it would require a compromise in relationships and value judgements and with Mourinho, he would want complete control of football operations.  As a Spurs fan I think getting Jose Mourinho to be the successor to Pochettino is a really good idea - but it is not a financially sound idea . Spurs continue their messy season and where they were expected to be in the Top 4 this year.  Right now they will be trying to survive being in the Bottom 4.  Spurs are in a mess and the over-run of costs at the stadium level create a situation where the mismanagement of Tottenham Hotspurs football club should be given out by our kids, to reward the adults.

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#1 One major commonality between Tottenham and Manchester United, is the dealmakers. Daniel Levy is the dealmaker at Tottenham and Edward Woodward is the dealmaker at Manchester United, whether there minds are suitable for creating champion sides is questionable, but they are credited for being dealmakers. Recently Daniel Levy has been questioned but I will cover that in the "This Thing Called Football" buzz and then there is the controversial Ed Woodward who United would not want to let go, because he is making that team money with off-field merchandizing and non-football revenues. This article from SB Nation highlights the biggest common factor between Daniel Levy and Ed Woodward

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Spurs and Man United- big falls for both of them. Are there common factors between the two teams @CityVP 🐝 Manjit