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Chief Challenge of a College Toastmasters Club

The Chief Challenge of a College Toastmasters ClubHow does one maintain a healthy college toastmasters club? The association any student in a college has with their toastmasters club is often limited by their association with a college.  As students leave college, many college toastmasters club face the prospect of either losing membership or recruiting waves of students, who themselves only stay for a limited time frame.  Whereas the length of average membership for a community toastmasters club is about 2.5 years, the length of average membership for a college toastmasters club is about 6 months.  If a club is serious about its leadership development it must increase loyalty to the club and have within that club, students who return to the club even after graduation.  These are some of the challenges I am exploring, the chief challenge of which is long-term engagement.

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A critical factor in long-term engagement is the presence of a dedicated faculty member who themselves have a long-term interest in the Toastmasters education program and equally a servant leader relationship to students. At our club, we have such a faculty member. Simply having that faculty member is not a guarantee for long-term engagement but without that faculty member, a college toastmasters club is left more rudderless in terms of knowing how to navigate the minefields of college policies.

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One strategy that I will be trying out is by treating the college as complete ecosystem and the Toastmasters Club be a fractal of that ecosystem. What many students miss is that the working of any college is a fractal of the very workplace they will eventually engage. That is solely looking at college as a workplace, and we know that there is far more diversity of practice in any college environment greater than simply being a mirror of work.