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Into to a Case Competition

An interesting meeting with three very bright students earlier today prompted me to explore the area of case competitions in college settings.  The three students we met with are initialed as N-N-J and the meeting we had with them will remain confidential, but this buzz is the beginning of my own explorations into Case Competitions. 

What we engage with the pioneering team we came across will remain between us, but as I proceed I will scour the web to develop a feel and context for this form of competition.  Students do take this form of presentation very seriously and they are well supported by members of the academic and business community, in the form of judges.

Our former Club President Chris Lopes engaged a 7 minute Toastmasters presentation a few years ago introducing members of the club back in 2013, to an overview of how to approach a case competition.  Chris has since graduated from the college along with the initial cohorts who were among the charter members of our Toastmasters Club in 2012.

Into to a Case CompetitionThe key point from Chris's talk is that passion and fun should be the key driver of any Case Competition.  An obsessive focus on judging can only make individuals more, rather than less conscious of assessment.   The first impression I gained from Chris's talk is that a competitor at a case competition is better positioned to frame their mind to expressing rather than assessing.  That would be the first principal difference between passion and energy, and the alternative scenario of tension and fear. 

I believe in leading with strengths, and my view relates to the Strength Finder camp mentality that focusing on strengths has more gain than a focus on weakness.  One can turn up the focus and acuity on strengths so that judges begin to notice them, or one can try to fine tune to eradicate weaknesses and end up not being oneself.   It is terribly important in my perspective to enjoy what it is you doing - for love should be the basis of all passion and not fear.

Into to a Case Competition