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Personal Transformational Purpose

Personal Transformational PurposePublish and perish has been the chief mantra for decades upon decades and it is this view that dominates the mentality of traditional media.   When I look at new media, in this regard I see traditional media wrapped up in a new digital medium - or in a Biblical description "old wine in new wine skins".   The new wine for me is not the fruits of our labour but how we transform.

Instead of P2P, I am more than OK with PTP - Personal Transformational Purpose.  I am not operating from the publish and perish mentality, nor the the mentality of mass media which is broadcast media.  Instead of questioning the pervasiveness of group identity, we continue to squeeze and fear the individual.  Yet in order for us to fully appreciate the group, we cannot become instinct as individuals - instead we need to find a harmony of knowing ourselves as an individual and as a group.   That is a harmony that has to be nurtured so that it is closer to nature rather than to the mechanical world of traditional media and publication mindset.

This is what makes the digital medium a transformation that is different from the printing press.  I am therefore do not want to be an authority for another, yet people are free to declare who they want to make an authority in terms of group purpose.  We still need a market economy to prosper and group purpose enables that.  Group purpose should not be a zero sum game where loss of individuality is a gain in group purpose -  I see Me to We purely as dogma.

The one thing that has changed significantly over the last month is my discovery of the BeBee platform, since it is highly conducive to my PTP or Personal Transformational Purpose.  I adapt my purpose to the particular platform I inhabit and in my purpose public space is transformed into personal space and thus I describe my focus as a learning journey.   Everytime I make a significant change to Spectraneuron - each edition is a declaration of my own personal learning.

The group purpose is so used to absorbing and digesting models and publications that to treat my PTP as the same thing as that traditional view of media is a misunderstanding of my own purpose.  Spectraneuron is an not a prescription because their is no ailment here, there is nothing to fix, no damage to be undone or a system to change.   Prescriptive media can either be traditional media as we all know traditional media to be or it can new media utilizing mentalities that are simply an alternative to traditional media, hence new wine in old wine skin.

The word follower has greater currency than the word leader - and if the purpose of leadership is to create more leaders, then how is it that we are creating a society of creating a tidal wave of followers?  I can understand the currency of followers as a marketing resource, because then follower is not connected to leader but to product.   I may well be the product of the media platforms I operate on but that