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Whether it is the raunchy style of Stylecruze Magazine or the more up-market high society style of GOOP which is a lifestyle magazine launched by Gwyneth Paltrow, all of this is a whole new path of learning for me, which begins with appreciation for the image quality and therefore style points as a creative element.

Now I am not endorsing these lifestyle magazines nor judging them for others - there are are style points to admire and appreciate in this production, as much as there are style points one can attribute to personal branding and even style points for those who are leading the market for online porn.  This is a part of the professional world and whatever or however we grunt against some aspects of these professions, they are still legitimate professions.

By adding a well marketed fashionista component to my own learning journey, this actually adds value to my Cyan Learning Hive.  The four elements that make up that learning path are now (as of forthcoming release #58) :


In the case of Style, Personal Brand is a subset of Style, whereas commercial porn would be a subset of Society.  Not that I really want to explore on the porn industry other than the innovations they make to server technologies and the sheer volume and market size the biggest players in that profession have attained.  Style Points however is on the opposite spectrum of that and it is a combination of the conspicuous consumption and audacious extravagance.  The easiest thing in the world is to criticize that which we feel uncomfortable with but there is no learning value in that discomfort, because we already know why it makes us uncomfortable, if not on the pathway to expressing value judgements. 

There is a great deal of learning involved in studying our own visceral response to this aspect of societal practices.  Superficial spirituality is another component of societal practices and even in this new age type experience there are style points on offer - which leads me to the doorway of appreciating the true meaning of appreciation.  We don't necessarily have to like in order to appreciate something, and in case I have determined that and that includes an appreciation of social engineering, which is not an endorsement of it.  I am not advocating buying what is on offer but here again, I have the option of looking at influencer marketing through a Cyan Learning lens - and that opens the door to MY learning.

Style Cruze

There is for me a lot to like about the formatting and design of the Style Cruze Magazine.  We might get distracted by scantily dressed women or even object to sexism in an age of sexual harrassment, but that lens fits into my Crimson Learning Pathway and there I can go to town on critical aspects of this.  Here my learning is more in the appreciation direction at the minimum of which is production value :

I do dig the landscape format of the online magazine link and this format includes Style Cruze's focus on brand.  It is in this context where I connect personal branding to its home.  There is no hypocrisy here, this is as personal as the branding of human beings can get.  Even I can live with that :-)

The November issue of Style Cruze is also embedded with rich media and this allows them to link through to many personal brands of fashionista's and models.  They also incorporate music video which itself has style points and in the November 2017 they profile the music of Loviia and her track "I Wonder"

While the viewcount is low, this profiles singers who literally begin performing out of their bedrooms.  Whatever one thinks of the music, these are not meant to be garage bands, but a part of the style point culture we have created.  Why rage against things we may not like when the actual content is for a niche audience of what presumably be a younger demographic of style conscious folk who I would guess also have a higher than average level of disposable income.

If I improve my own groove because of exposure to these style points, that is where my learning is, and then from there who knows, I may begin to add style points if I make a conscious effort to that socially engineered value judgement we all refer to as our personal brand.  There is hope left after all in future possibilities of me entering the image based culture.

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#1 Your "visceral" remark made me think of a huge factor which I have not included in my current learning pathways and factor is sexuality. That warranted a whole new look at what it is I personally want to focus on my Cyan Pathway. This has now been re-jigged as


This change has also led me to focus on the word REPRESENTATION as longer form of "Rep It" and so that transcends "reputation" or "credibility" or "personal brand". It is asking myself the question of what I represent.

That connects all of this to our learned social behaviours, social conformity and our boundary creating tribalism. Therefore TRIBE has been included which includes my own tribal affiliations through music and sport.

"Image" will then also flow into SEX, because lets face it we operate from the chimp brain whether it is our sexual attitudes or how we sell ourselves. It also speaks to fashion mentality other than tribal factors, in this case how we are conditioned by memes and messages and even by views of our "career paths". Our image is in one part driven by our societal mating dance and also through REPRESENTATION - and how much of what we represent is a conditioning.

MEDIA covers both superficial, entertainment and news media. We consume so much news that makes no twiddle of a difference to our lives, it is merely a societal protocol that allows it to be "Social Glue" so we can use it (like we use discussions about the Weather) as water-cooler talk.

As always the lens about my own life. That is why REPRESENTATION is again a key lens because of a myriad of ways we try to fit in and seek acceptance, which itself means we are constantly comparison shopping and using other people as proxies and surrogates for changes that should apply to our self.

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Physiology at work = There is a great deal of learning involved in studying our own visceral response to this aspect of societal practices.