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The Bursary Letter

The Bursary Letter

A request by a fellow Toastmaster Ivan, who asked the group if any of them have written a bursary letter.  The chief advice given to him was to contact someone in the Financial Aid Office and that bursary letters differ with individual purposes.

There is plenty of advice online regarding how to write a bursary letter.  The first of those is at Step by Step

The key points from Step by Step were :

  • Maintain a professional and formal tone
  • Be concise and try to sum up all details
  • Be mindful of grammatical and spelling mistakes
They also go on to provide instructions for a sample letter.

Algonquin College provide their students a comprehensive Bursary and Scholarship Guide. They explain that bursary and scholarship applications may seem daunting but provide a simple formula, which includes suggestions of key paragraphs. provide a sample bursary letter - Bursary Application Letter

There are other sites with very basic sample letters but the above three sites should suffice if one is thinking about writing a bursary letter.