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The Nature of Talent

The Nature of Talent

Buzz Submitted by : David Navarro López

Buzz: Your Talent: What are you going to do with it?

In this buzz David Navarro López opens up a discussion about talent - click above to access this discussion

The word "buzz" is interesting because it indicates what creates a buzz for others.  What creates a buzz for me is when my thoughts are stimulated. So the question then is, does the buzz in my neurons actually make a sound i.e. is there a sound when synapses fire in our head?

According to this website our synapses do make a sound when they are firing :

When a question arises on beBee such as "What are you going to do with it?",  my brain literally fires off what I am going to do with it and in this case the question is about my talent.  We call it social networking because the meme is social - I give a bit, someone else gives a bit, someone else gives a bit and we engage the same analog paced conversation we would if we were mulling around in a cafe.  If I am learning I will naturally think new thoughts and then I will buzz around those new thoughts, but social thought engages this as theory, and not as practice.

The outcome of my streams of consciousness at David's buzz was me making a distinction between the nature of talent and the system of talent.  Rather than state that the system of talent today is a machine and have people agree with me, I would rather follow the flow of what nature of talent is and then relate to that to my nature, otherwise how do I make the question David asked in his buzz, practical.  I am not here to debunk, I am here to hack and there are sites that have this practical disposition, one is even called lifehack

Untangling the "Nature of Talent" is not a Gordian Knot, it is not an intractable and complex problem, the nature of talent is us, but we reside in a system of talent.  When we discuss "talent" we engage in a system of talent, and it may even be a system that inhibits us individually to pursue the nature of talent.  I can easily take this inquiry down the pathway of those who control today's system of talent and I touched upon that in my observations I inscribed at David's buzz.


I think we need to understand both in order to understand the actual underlying nature of our own talent.

The creation of specialized professions at times becomes more greater focal point, than the people who it serves, especially when these professions become power houses.  That implication does not matter right now in this moment, because whether that is command or control or coercive leadership - it does not impact my neurons in my freedom to think aloud.  In this thinking out aloud at David's Buzz, I found three different thoughts emerge in my head :

The Nature of Talent

2. TALENT LITMUS TEST :The Nature of Talent3. SEEING TALENT : The Nature of Talent

The link featured in the third observation (Seeing Talent) is hyperlinked at David's buzz - the example of namaste is sufficient enough in the thought above to explain "seeing". 

These are thoughts that emanated from my neurons or the buzz in my own brain.  Now this inner buzz becomes another flow in my learning journey.  When we approach a question like "What are you going to do with it" - we treat it as an invitation for others, an invitation to deliberate rather than to self-reflect without becoming preoccupied by turning out thoughts into a theoretical construct or a model for others.   This is what I differentiate between the buzz in one's head that makes our own synapses fire, with the buzz we relate to as a social convention, as an etiquette defined by custom and practice, through habit, through tradition.

There is no value in me making a general statement that we are conditioned.  I must know the condition of my own conditioning, and that is what takes me to the nature of talent i.e. the nature of my own talent - then I can see if that nature brings me into conflict with the existing system of talent or better still, how my personal learning journey can circumvent that system of talent - so that in my life, the nature of talent and the system of talent operate as a whole.

Yet we want the nature of talent to be the system of talent because there is identification in that, there is social rules in that, there is orthodoxy that we may support in that and yet we are not looking solely at our own given selves.  We take the safe approach of generality or stimulating conversation and then we move on to another buzz.   Learning is not that - learning means that every now and then we naturally remain with something, and then our minds begin to simmer in new ways, but what emerges as learning, and how we learn to see talent is not something we can predict - unless what we predict is already a known pattern or ideology.   This is my learning journey and I don't know where it will take me - but at least the door opened for me is the nature of talent and not simply bees stinging at the hive that is the system of talent.

CityVP 🐝 Manjit 29/9/2016 · #9

#5 Dear @David Navarro López the only line that I would want you to focus from my comment is this one "Your buzz is the hub and from that individual explorations germinate" - I like the flow of discussion that is at your buzz, that is why it is profiled at the beginning and why I link to it. The Paradox Wisdom here is to look at our own words, not as messages to the other, but as metacognition (which means to think about our own thinking). Even if we examine our own face in the mirror, do we actually get to the thoughts behind that face? These thoughts are revealed in our own words and responses and also in the things we have not said - because in those spaces is learning. What percentage of what you want to know is that which is already within you? That finding of that which we have not seen within us is "paradox wisdom".

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Sara Jacobovici 26/9/2016 · #8

Dear @CityVP Manjit, I literally just came across your Buzz now and notice you posted it a day ago. I posted a Buzz 5 hours ago also on @David Navarro López's Buzz.

I appreciate how you present and organize your thoughts. My focus or take away from this discussion was how I ended my Buzz by giving you the last word with a quote from one of your comments from David's Buzz: "The innate talent of choice is the fundamental talent, it is the core heartbeat of talent, because we do not grow without each other. Without serving something of value (which is always in relationship to someone else) talent becomes meaningless."

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Irene Hackett 26/9/2016 · #7

#4 How honored am I to have mention here. There seems to be many of us whose territories are expanding by way of these outstanding exchanges. I am thrilled beyond measure as I am learning much and more importantly - developing meaningful online connections with some great individuals. Thank you @CityVP Manjit for all your thought leading here on beBee!

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#4 This is a quite interesting dialogue that fired neurons in my head and is generating the flow @CityVP Manjit. I feel I am watching the flow of waves in a sea. Waves tat reinforce each other and create a stronger waves or canceling each other and dumping the wave. Our "ideas waves" are like that each idea moving in a wave, encountering another idea wave and what happens happens as some ideas die and others get nourished. Free-flowing waves till they meet each other or collide with a big rock or whatever. Waves disruption (thank you for the kind mention on this dear Manjit), or whatever need a medium to carry them such as beBee, which is doing a great medium for both carrying waves and initiating them. I am in full accordance with your writing "This is why I say that beBee is the playground for my mind, heart and being that I had always been looking for".

I am enjoying the dialogue between you and David @David Navarro López in spite of me coughing and sneezing and having a fever. Being in the flow makes life easier. Your neurons are creating waves that wave-riders enjoy riding.

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David Navarro López 25/9/2016 · #5

#4 Will have a deeper look at it, as I perceive there is a lot of wisdom on your hive, which to be honest, it is almost out of reach for me. I am a simple and not educated man, so it takes much longer for me to follow your thoughts, but I'll try.

CityVP 🐝 Manjit 25/9/2016 · #4

#3 Ah David, but focus on the paradox here that helps me.

When I encounter a buzz that makes my neurons runneth over, that flow becomes my Paradox Wisdom. You so far are only one of four bee's that have managed to inspire that kind of flow. What enters the Paradox Pyramid is something that substantially elevates my own practice.

A discussion is something that can come and go, but here as I contemplate the Nature of Talent, I am also contemplating Living Concrete (inspired via @Irene Hackett) Thinking our Disruption (inspired via Ali @Ali Anani) and the first Paradox Pyramid "The Sins of Science" inspired by @Milos Djukic This is why I say that beBee is the playground for my mind, heart and being that I had always been looking for.

That is why this inner buzz is linked to the outer buzz you created at Thus think of Paradox Wisdom as the spokes that emerge from a hub. Your buzz is the hub and from that individual explorations germinate. My learning hives serve the same purpose. I am reinventing here the accepted orthodoxy of blog and comment (group), and replacing it with thought and personal action. (individual)

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David Navarro López 25/9/2016 · #3

I am honored to have provoked such a "bubbling honey" on you, my talented and admired friend, and as such, i am sharing it at, in the hope that more bees will be able to enjoy your talent, and make comments on it

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 25/9/2016 · #2

#1 Talent for home, talent for work, talent for play - any of those can become a market for something or another, but not all talent needs a market. Whether it is opportunity, innovation or labour of love - the nature of talent is worth examining and the system of talent is worth disrupting.

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