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The Truth About Youth

The Truth About YouthThe chief lesson I have taken away so far from working with the competition team at my local college, is that the efforts the students undertake, whether they are practicing for a case competition or involved in a student club that leads to a student competition, help the brand and status of a college.   At the college level this is actually business as usual.

Beyond the college level to the space I am observing in here, young people are coveted in a far different way by online networks.  Some new emerging online applications have garnered far more attention of young people than have others, and this is equally true of the best one finds within the best students in a higher education body.

What surprised me about the last workshop we conducted is that I had no notion that what we were engaging offline was also being live tweeted online - and that is chiefly because I am not used to seeing technology as an extension of the physical room I am in, or my friendships.  I am deeply wrapped up in matters of permission and privacy, that one of the truths of modern youth - are that technologies are viewed not as a broadcast but a fellowship.

These young students are first of all bright enough to know which technologies suit their purpose and means.  To these students the technology simply extends the space they are in and the live tweeting was only meant to involve those who could not attend the workshop in person.  For these students "outsiders" wanting to know what they are doing, is no different to a group of students chatting among themselves and having someone eavesdropping on their conversation.   This is the normality students pursue, though they don't put as much regard to actual eavesdroppers (which is not the same thing as hackers). 

When I close my LinkedIn application, the truth of youth from a provider point of view is far different from a competition team seeking to disseminate informati