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Unmarketing with Kevin Baker

Unmarketing with Kevin BakerScott Stratten is worth listening to for the same reason Guy Kawasaki is worth listening to - because they make marketing a practice rather than a technique.  This particular video was shared by Kevin Baker and I am listening to it while I am writing this - or should I say "thinking this".

Already Scott has touched on the best marketing beginning with hiring and marketing as a verb.  For sure we all know that Google is a verb but we don't naturally think of marketing as a verb - and that is because on a daily basis we all google things and therefore know what that verb is. 

The fact that Scott comes from my neighbourhood is not the reason I like what he says, he gets to the brass-tacks of what marketing is and not what we think it is.  This is because Stratten thinks of marketing like that on a daily basis the way we use google.

The QR code as a link dressed up as an app was a priceless insight - THINK BEFORE YOU DO. 

Now I have to think about why I wrote this post.  It starts with this share by Kevin :

The link above is what I get when I share this link to myself via my email.  Thankfully I had my email open, so it was not a major inconvenience to hit the share button and the few seconds it took to cross over to my email.  Now I screenshoot all the time because any comment I write is emailed to my main email and which then gets filed to my IMHO account.  This means that I am ever adaptable as to how I capture things I want to pay attention to.

Now I have got to this point with the caveat that shortly beBee is upgrading its site to a whole new experience - so when that comes I will adapt to that and I am sure it will good, but for now I am adapting to this one, because my objective was not one click away.  The click option I had was to share the video Kevin shared to my followers and I don't really care about that because what I call "learning pathway" is me utilizing the process I have created for that learning.

Now it is good to know that Stratten has the same eye rolling view of the word "viral video" and while his example of what is not viral, my application is not dependent on being viral, the goal is simple - Kevin shared a really good video and I want to place that video in my Orange Hive.  So finally at last I have got to do what I wanted to do all along, except there was no option to forward Kevin's share directly to the Orange Hive - and now drum roll I have reached the point to do that, but before I do that I need to copy the youtube URL, which is no big time loss but needed - and now I hit my drums :

For the record, I wil use a tomato ketchup bottle but not in the way Scott demonstrates an angry customer used it, and that is because I am at the 33 minute mark of the Scot Stratten video - but it is not sufficient for me to write this (think this) and pay partial attention to what Stratten is saying - but because I am going down to have my tea and the ketchup will go on some samosas my family are cooking for tomorrows family event at our home

Now I look forward to watching this video in full later and what the time on this video tells me, is how long it took to write this buzz, which simply allows me to place this in my Orange Learning Hive.  That is what Scott Stratten is outlining here, what people do, not what people sell or say they would like to do and what marketers don't get - making their profession more out of touch with the regular mortals like Kevin Baker and myself.

Kevin Baker 12/1/2018 · #1

Truly captivating. natural flowing and powerful , also humbling. The has raised the vibrations of my day to a new perception that was so not expected.

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