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Africa's Lost Children - Part One - Exodus

Africa's Lost Children - Part One - Exodus

Mozambique - October 1976

In the half light two men lay in wait.  Parked in a dusty dark green sedan, they were almost conspicuous for being so well camouflaged.

Ash ate it's way along a cigarette, following the glowing line that preceded it.

"I hate it when you smoke in the car, Jannie," the older of the two men a large man in a tight shirt and jacket stretched.

"She's been gone for hours."

"She will be back".

The two men sat and smoked in the fast approaching darkness.

Eventually a small red car pulled up.  5 children and a tall slender blond woman got out of the car.  The children were still full of energy after having spent the afternoon at the beach.

She opened the gate and the children ran ahead of her towards the front door which was at the very front of the house.  A wide Stoep extended the length of the house and around on all sides.

As she stepped onto the Stoep - the front door opened.

"Martha!, Thank God!, I thought the children would be tired out by this afternoon'