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Beautiful Buildings Around The World Part 2 - Bosjes Chapel

Beautiful Buildings Around The World Part 2 - Bosjes Chapel

The Bosjes Chapel is set within a vineyard and pomegranate orchard.  It is at the foot of the Waaihoek Mountain, in the  Breede Valley,  Western Cape, South Africa and was designed by South African born Coetzee Steyn of Steyn Studio.

The 6 metre high (19.68ft) Chapel has a sculptural, undulating roof that  mirrors the outlines of the mountain ranges nearby and also references the distinctive Cape Dutch Architecture. It is surrounded by a reflective pool that emphasizes the floating nature of the chapel and gives an impression of weightlessness. 

 (Image above by Adam Letch).

(Image by Claire J Roux)

(Image by Adam Letch)

The roof canopy has been made out of a thin concrete shell, and the roof supports itself as it meets the ground.  It was designed without a central spire, but where each wave of the building rises to a peak large expanses of glass feature a centrally placed symbolic crosses. 

(Image by Adam Letch)

Coetzee Steyn also took inspiration from Psalm 36:7 which says "How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings" - the wing like shapes of the roof also echo birds in flight.


                        (Image by Adam Letch)

The glazed walls frame the mountains, vineyard and orchards.  Inside a simple, rectangular open plan building there is highly polished terazzo floor that reflect the light.  The undulating white ceiling reflects dancing shadows throughout the day.

The services and columns are hidden within the structure.  To allow for thermal movement the roof and the floor are separated by a service channel at the perimeter where the glass meets the floor.  Rainwater is discharged from the centre of the roof by a submersible pump with a sump through a pipe cast into the concrete - the outlet is hidden beneath the lowest part of the roof where it meets the reflection pool.

The Parabolic shape of the building was extremely complicated to make, all the formwork was purpose made - a series of prefabricated trusses with a bent plywood skin were designed., it took almost 5 months to make the formwork on site! 

                                             Photograph courtesy of PERI

The shell consists of  74 cubic metres of concrete and 8175 kg of high tensile steel reinforcement.  Four hidden concrete buttresses with a vertical load of almost 50 tonnes support the roof. 

Photograph courtesy of PERI

and as site foreman  John Hartnick said :

PERI was the only formwork supplier that was man-enough to price this project. From the designing, 3-D formwork modeling, site support, technical know-how and overall service was excellent.

                                                  Photograph courtesy of PERI

Bosjes Chapel has certainly joined my bucket list of buildings to visit - at least it's here in SA and not in a far-flung country!

                      Photograph by Sam Linsell - Drizzle & Drip Blog - see credit below.

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Credits -

Design architect
Steyn Studio
Project architect        
TV3 Architects
Structural engineer Henry Fagan & Partners
Services engineer
Solution Station
Longworth & Faul

Curtain wall design
Integrate Structural & Civil Engineering, Steyn Studio

Formwork -PERI

PG Smartglass Solar E
Shotcrete finish
Sika Monotop 620
Plascon Nuroof White

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