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Bizarre Buildings Part Three - Fancy a Tune Anyone?

Bizarre Buildings Part Three - Fancy a Tune Anyone?

Music inspires architecture in many ways, whether it be in the final form the building takes or more indirectly by influencing how the Architect approaches the project.  I have a confession to make here - I either design in silence or to ear bleedingly loud house music... (I only made the connection today - I do not design houses because I listen to house music or vice versa!). Image above - the Piano & Violin Building, China.

I've put together some more obviously musically inspired buildings :- 

1. Piano and Violin House, Huainan, China (2007).  This was designed by students from the Architectural Design Faculty or Hefey University of Technology.  Strangely enough it does not serve a musical purpose - plans for newly developed urban areas are displayed there.

2. Guitar Building : Bristol, Tennessee

Joe Morrell dreamed for years about constructing a building shaped like a guitar.  He was in the Country Music business, making dulcimers, running a record label and performed under the name Herbie Hootenauger.  The Guitar Building was opened to the public in May 1983.

It's 70ft long and 3 storeys high and was painted to resemble a Martin Dreadnaught acoustic guitar.  Inside there was a gift shop, a recording studio, a Country Music AM Radio Station and Morrells collection of musical instruments which included one shaped like a pig, another one made of matchsticks and even one made from a dead armadillo...

Despite being added to the National Register of Historic Places the building has lain abandoned since Joe Morells death.  It was bought by a developer who promised to restore it, but the building still remains empty and unloved.

3. The House of Pieve di Cento Musica , Pieve di Cento, Bologna, Italy by Mario Cucinella Architects.  The building is made up of nine circular rooms, I love the way that they look like a collection of drums.


4.  Music Theatre and Exhibition Hall, Rhike Park, in Tbilisi, Georgia by Studio Fuksas

Image © Sophia Arabidze

5.  Yanbu Church,  Foshan, Guangdong Province, China.  This 7 storey structure is 120ft high and includes a reception, library, prayer room, Sunday School, living accommodation for preachers and guest rooms.  Reverand Yu Qing said that the buildings design refers to the importance of practice - both as a musician and a Christian.

6. (The only info I could find out about this building was that it is in Dubai.... )

7. Saxophone House in Orinda, California.

8. Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland by Santiago Calatrava


9. Liberace Museum, Las Vegas, USA

10. CargoGuitar by artists Marcelo Ertorteguy, Takahiro Fukuda and Sara Valente, Kobe Biennale in Japan.  This installation allowed people to feel what it would be like to be inside a guitar.  A reclaimed shipping container was equipped with 8 large glow in the dark strings that visitors could play.

11.  Mercado de Getafe, Madrid, Spain by  Joaquín Torres & Rafael Llamazares of A-Cero

A dramatic facade that's evocative of a piano keyboard was installed around an existing brick building which now serves as a leisure and cultural centre.

And some honourable mentions :-

12. Schmitt Music Company - Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.  Schmitt's is one of the USA's largest full service music retailers.  When the company relocated it's HQ to Minnesota the owner wanted the building to represent the essence of the brand.  The music on the wall is from Maurice Ravel's "Gaspard de la Nuit". 

13. Broadway Building, Disney's All Star Music Resort

14. Standing Bass Building, Dortmund-Stubengasse, Germany

15. Rock and Roll Ride - Disney's Hollywood Studios

16.  Strings Building, Nashville, Travis Kelty a real estate developer in Nashville announced plans to construct a 32 storey building - it will contain about 300,000 sq ft of space that will include retail, office and 20 luxury apartments.  There will also be a 40,000 sq ft rooftop entertainment area, high speed elevators and 5 restaurants.   I had to include it, even though at this time it still remains a concept rather than a reality.

17. Stradivarius shaped Swimming Pool, New Jersey, USA.  Former banker Jay Dweck appointed landscape architecture firm Cipriano Landscape Design to build the exact replica in scale of a 1700s era Stradivarius Violin.  The firm described it as  "one of the most complex pool designs and installations within the whole design and build industry."  The project apparently cost $1 Million!

18. Piano Stairs in Stockholm, Sweden

19. Piano Stairs in Valparaíso, Chile

20. Clarinet Mural at Holiday Inn Hotel, New Orleans by artist  Robert Dafford

And while these are not buildings or for that matter architectural installations, facades or murals - I simply had to add these onto the end -

21. Istanbul Blues by artist Jaume Plensa.  A sculpture of a man sitting, witnessing urban life.  The sculpture was completed in August 2012 and is 6.5m high (about 21ft) and is entirely made up of musical notes.  

22. Virtuoso sculpture, Houston, Texas by David Adickes

23. Abstract bronze Grand Piano Player sculpture, Shijiazhuang Yuanzhao, Xiamen, China

24. The Invisible Violinist, Amsterdam, Holland.

and finally :- 

25. Lego Barrel Organ that plays the Star Wars theme song.  Rene Hoffmeister built this organ out of 20,000 lego bricks for the 3d premiere of Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace.  When the barrel spins the bricks push mechanical sensors connected to a built in keyboard to play the song.  

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