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How does my Design Process Work?

How does my Design Process Work?

I always get asked this question when meeting clients for the first time.  How do you work? How will this work ?  they ask me.  This is the most important question they ask, so a blog post on this is well overdue.

1.  The Meet and Greet.

I usually meet potential Clients at my Studio for a quick cup of coffee before meeting them on site.  This is a good way of seeing whether you will be able to work together, you see Design is a Collaborative process.  If I get a gut feeling that it's not going to work, then I simply wave goodbye when they leave and drop them an email explaining that we are not a good 'fit'.  I am fortunate in that 90% of my Clients are great.  But the 10% that aren't are seriously bad news!

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2.  The Site Meeting.

Whether it's an empty plot or someone's home that needs renovating/updating the Site Meeting will take about an hour.  During the meeting we will discuss the brief in more detail.  We will walk the Site together seeing how things will work and often take a drive to look at houses my Clients like.

3.  The Client Questionnaire.

This is very important in assembling a comprehensive Brief.  It will also include a Love/Loathe list.  Sites like Pinterest are very handy for this.  You can make a secret board with your Client where you can share in private photos and images that you think they would like.  A Board can be added later for Site updates during the building process. (Image from Free Digital by Yodiyim)

4. Floor Plans and Layouts

Then the fun begins !  I start off by sketching some ideas down, often with the Client in a follow up meeting.  Then I draw up the sketches in CAD, add labels and dimensions and send them through.  Because I have spent so much time with the Client and have a comprehensive brief there are few adjustments to be made at this stage.

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