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I would like to hand in my Application for more Leave (indefinite period) to Recover...

I would like to hand in my Application for more Leave (indefinite period) to Recover...

I've been on 'holiday' (and still am) back in Old Blighty to see my parents and sort a few things out.  I am exhausted.  Yes people I have run out of energy (I really have!).  So I am taking time off now for 'medical reasons' -  indefinitely.

Don't get me wrong, my parents are very sweet people, however as the winners of the 2018 Drama King and Queen Awards (Family Deluxe Edition), exquisite self control by bystanders is required.  (This year I let the side down, I have almost finished a bottle of Polish very expensive Cherry Brandy, the one that you have to go to Poland to get by appointment etc etc. this is over the almost 3 weeks that I have been here, my Dad knows, my Mum is making a fuss (she thinks Dad dosn't know) and Dad hasn't said anything).  However I feel that it's use was more medicinal.

I am thinking of attending next years Summer Gala Performances with a guest in tow.

Anyone reading this with Celtic Parents will totally understand.  However mine are .... rather more creative and expressive.

My Father is half Irish French and half Welsh.  My Mother is Irish French Scots.  I am reading this and well, some of you that know me or are reading this article are thinking - for Goodness sake - Claire you are being sooo Dramatic and OVER THE TOP.

As one of the 'Presidents at Large' of the Hide in the Trees Club - I am going to tell you that I am incredibly chilled out compared to my lovely parents. I am the most relaxed, laid back, easy going person.... with a core of chill that is way below absolute zero.

On occasions members of the Hide in the Trees Club use these - a device I had a hand in perfecting.  Don't worry, HITT Club Members are highly trained and will survive completely intact.

The last three weeks in the United Kingdom have been a roller-coster ride of note.  I am actually very very impressed (and very very tired.)  My dear friend Sean in SA has already prepared a comfortable depression in the ground for me to lie in and look at the sky.  So glad I know The President of the Old Grey Beard Bikers Club.... - Sean is also a Druid, Shaman, Homeopath, Clinical Psychologist and all around bad ass.  His wife Ronelle is amazing, very, very generous with her chocolate.

You must know that when I am too tired to go back to Formby (near Liverpool) to hang out with my lovely Scottish Aunty Ina, my Cousin Myra and her son the totally awesome Calum who has just returned from a 9 month trip, I am tired.  Also very disappointed that I will miss seeing my Uncle Ian too.

I am handing in my membership of the Ultimate Party Stamina Club and will turn in all my awards.

Yesterday I sat on my bed at about 4pm, my Mother woke me up at 7pm, apparently I was fast asleep - she had to shout to get me to wake up.  I then went to bed at about 11pm (very early night for me) and slept right through until 8am.  Solidly.

Speaking as the Cat Nap Queen and the Instantly Awake If There is an Issue person, this is unprecedented.  I don't usually sleep for more than 4-5 hours at time and sleep/nap in blocks.  I get about 8-10 hours sleep in a 24 hour period, just in 3 or 4 blocks not all at once.  I am thinking of going and having another nap after I finish writing this story.

It is fairly effortless for me to be awake for 48 hours straight and to party for 72 hours straight (with Cat Naps).  My Aunty Ina did the 72 hour straight thing a couple of years back during her 80th Birthday Party Celebrations, she did have a slight wobble and had to have a lie down for a couple of hours before returning to the party.

This is Calum and my Aunty Ina. (pron eye-na).

I am going to suggest that since our birthdays both fall in April, that Uncle Ian and I have a joint birthday celebration next year.  In Formby.

(In fact I have only suggested this to Uncle Ian, have just told Calum about the concept - and yes I have invited the first guest - Kim Bishop - I am her Sidekick after all).

I don't think I can start issuing any invites to this party yet (any more at least), but keep the end of April next year free.

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Claire L Cardwell Apr 11, 2020 · #66

2020 update - My folks are fine - it must be all those long walks on Oxshott, Esher and Epsom heath with those nutty Irish Setters of theirs. Who needs Wifi when you have those amazing woods.... My Uncle Ian and Aunty Ina and Calum and the rest of my family in Formby are also fine. It's my birthday this month and I was hoping to have a picnic in the woods with my Dad.... bloody corona!

Lisa Vanderburg Apr 23, 2019 · #65

#62 hahaha....good on ya, girl!!

Claire L Cardwell Apr 22, 2019 · #64

Thanks for the share @Lisa Vanderburg!

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Claire L Cardwell Apr 22, 2019 · #63

#60 Thank you @Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador! I was thinking about your radio show earlier today, I think I will 'tune in'.

Claire L Cardwell Apr 22, 2019 · #62

#61 @Lisa Vanderburg - I don't think I'll be going back for a visit this year... Let's put it this way, I am very lucky to be alive and if it wasn't for Sean the Shaman I wouldn't be here!
Just moved into a new place, much much much better than the old spot. (FYI I left all the stuff I buried there behind!)
I am going to the hardware store tomorrow, I think I will also buy a new spade.

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Lisa Vanderburg Apr 22, 2019 · #61

This made me exhausted for you, just reading it @Claire L Cardwell! Being amongst one's childhood-family is exhausting. Even the dead ones are exhausting...they never lie down for long....

But I remember maybe trips to the UK from the US and going back with that sense of befuddled exhaustion. Once back & working the hundred hour week to catch up, I realised why God made shovels.

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stay positive @Claire L Cardwell, i know easier said than done, but the folks out here at beBee all love you !!!1

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Claire L Cardwell Dec 2, 2018 · #59

#54 @Nicole Chardenet - I have had to enter into a series of 'lease agreements' in order to have some Studio Space. Obviously the rent is paid up at HITT CLUB Basecamp. In cash. Sometimes your credit card arrangement (when you keep it in +ve to take advantage of the interest rates, card now expired, account open...eish) does not come to your aid straight away. MONEY - so glad I 'don't' have any... - anyway I have lots of spots all over Joburg that would LOVE some fertilizer and I have some Lion Poop to spare.