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Some of the houses I have worked on.

I thought it was time to show you all some of the work I do.  By day I work with straight lines and words and by night I paint curvy lines.....

I have had the privilege of working with some truly amazing clients assisting them to realise their dreams.  Although I don't think I have a signature style some people have said that I design 'cute houses'.  I try and design a house that is a home rather than a work of art that shouts 'look at me!'.  I like to think that people look at my houses and see them as nice homes where people can work, play and relax - but above all be a family.

Some of the houses have only recently been completed or are still under construction.  I thought I would include them and will post pics once they are done.

Some of the houses I have worked on.Abbey Guest House - a Cape Dutch style 8 bedroom home.  2010/11

Bali House - Kyalami Estate, Midrand.  One of the first houses I worked on way back in 2006/07.

House in the Breakfree Estate, Midrand - 2014

Modern Tuscan Style Home in Honeydew Manor - 2012/13

House in Eagle Canyon Golf Estate 2010/11

House February in the Waterfall Country Estate, Midrand.  The house is now complete so I will be going up to take pics soon. 2015/16

House Nobu, Cedar Creek Estate.  This project was unfortunately shelved, but the Clients are buying a new plot of land and now want a more modern style house. 2012

House Chidi - Copperleaf Golf Estate, Midrand.  This house has also recently been completed so I will be posting pics soon.

House Itumeleng, Crescentwood Estate. Construction to start in April/May 2017

I think it's essential as a Architectural Designer to see your work as a collaboration between yourself and your clients.  Although compromises need to be made, in the end we produce a house that my Clients are happy with and that's the whole point!

I think it's vital to talk about all aspects of Architecture - whether it be planning, construction, design or green building. I have written 3 E-Books & over 110 articles. Please feel free to let me know if you have any queries regarding architecture, planning & construction & I will assist you.

I am originally from the UK  and moved to South Africa  in 1999. I started Blue Designs in 2004 after working as a Driver for Avalon Construction on a luxury home in the Featherbrook Estate. In my spare time I am a keen artist and photographer.

I can be reached on +27 11 025 4458 (mobile landline) or at

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My phone numbers are (+27) 082 399 0180 and 066 232 3676 (WhatsApp) - my mobile landline is being ported to another provider.