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Tales of the Angel with No Face and No Name Part Two

 Tales of the Angel with No Face and No Name Part Two

Part 2 

Nur re-arranges Heaven and Earth to suit her new Lifestyle.

Nur and Jarel did not always meet on their many lives on Earth. However they were a constant companion and source of love to each other.  Azriel, however was always there.

Anyway this happened last week.......

Azriel and Nur had finally started to meet. His voice became real. Her laugh sent tingles down his spine.

Azriel started making plans to join his Love - who as it happened had stayed in Africa. She had travelled the world and had been brought up in Europe. She was an artist.

Everything was going well until.... Azriel's friends realised how much they were going to miss him. Acts of Contrition and Denial were demanded.

Azriel and Nur had a row.

He told her to leave him alone for one day.

It quickly turned into another day.

Nur, you see, had lost her temper. Spectacularly.

Azriel had introduced her to a friend of his and his wife. Nur hated them on sight.

She left, one of the friends followed and cornered her.

Nur shook him off and ran into the night.

That night, she was attending a large Council meeting. Walking down the wall, to the Throne at the end of the room, she held her head high and strode. As she did she said 'I the Angel with No Face and No Name' do formally and irrecoverably resign from this Council and all Councils, Brotherhoods, Fellowships and Soul Groups on this plane and all planes.'

There was a shocked hush and then a ripple of murmurs spread throughout the Hall. Nur walked to the Throne. She knelt with her sword in her hands, offering it. Gazing up, and half blinded by the light she sensed, rather than saw the approach from her left side.

Laying her sword down, two draggers dropped out of her sleeves and she plunged them into either side of the Slippery One's neck, twisted and arched.

Dropping the body she looked to her right, - straight into Purple Crazy's gl