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Tales of the Angel with No Name and No Face - Part One


I have a new story telling buddy. We've spent some time recently telling tall tales and laughing and laughing some more.  Jim has told me to start writing the stuff down. 

Tales of the Angel with No Name and No Face - Part One

Tales of the Angel with No Name and No Face 

Part 1 : - Birth and the Fall

I don't know if any of you have seen the creation of a soul? Some of you, I am sure would have helped out.

Imagine two glowing beings standing and holding a glowing egg shaped orb. Their arms are outstretched, and below is a large pool of water. They are surrounded by glowing streams and rivers of lights of too many colours to convey.

Look closer at the orb, inside are flowing streams of light and softly glowing orbs. They are gradually taking on a shape and identities. Souls are born in twos. Yes you do have a direct twin soul. However it's never a good idea to do anything with these individuals - keep them at a distance if you can. You need to be with a counterpart - or ideally with a creator that dreamed you up into existence - and hey presto! Here you are!

Well the circumstances of the birth of the Angel with No Name and No Face (who from now on we will call Nur) did not go as planned, in fact things got seriously out of hand. Her Creator's name is Jarel. He is Michael's younger brother.  Azriel and Zadikiel were looking on.

So Jarel, Michael and Raphael are making Nur and her twin Noel. As the souls were just getting ready to be born there was a fracture in time.... a kind of wiggle. Nur looked into the eyes of her twin. Noel had gone to the dark side.

Desperate Nur tried to break free of the cocoon. Noel would not let her go and pulled her back by her hair and her neck. He sunk his teeth into her shoulder. Nur twisted and wound her long flame coloured hair around his neck. And twisted and pulled. Her foot hard on his chest as a brace, Nur's first act of being created was to start to commit murder.

Jarel picked up the cocoon with the two writhing souls in it. And drop kicked it out of Heaven. He strode to the balcony and leapt. And caught the cocoon.

And landed in Africa.

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