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Women over the age of 30 should not...

Women over the age of 30 should not...

Yet another list written by a woman for women espousing limiting beliefs about what not to wear or how not to have your hair after the age of 30 is doing the rounds...  Anyone would think that once you hit the big 30 it's time for the blue rinse and retirement slippers!

I hate being categorised or put into a box because of my age, my gender, my beliefs or my appearance!  For far too long women have been told how to behave and what to wear.

On my last trip to the UK, my Mother said that I should start wearing foundation and more make up now I am in my forties in order 'to look younger'.  I find less is more and the older I get the less I care about wearing makeup or trying to impress anyone with the way I look.  I left those hang ups behind before I was 33, thank you - not going to pick them back up again 15 odd years later!  I used to wear full war paint in my 20's and now I am older I don't feel it's necessary...

I also had to endure a long rant over the dinner table from my sister-in-law.  She has a conventional soul and can't for the life of herself get over her hippie sister who doesn't give a damn about convention.  Anyway I was supposed to cut my hair in a style that was 'more appropriate for my age', dye it (why would I want to put carcinogenic chemicals in my hair?) and wear more makeup.

"I just want you to make the best of yourself...." was her parting shot.

"I want people to know that you do not have to accept the box that society puts you in. Reinvent yourself the way that you want to be."  - Accidental Icon 

So women over 30 with long hair look like aging hippies?

We can't wear ripped jeans?

 Pink ?

Or bright colours ?


Rude T-Shirts?

Slogan T-Shirts?

Leather Jackets?

Puffball Skirts?

Dye our hair bright colours?

 Metallics and or Glitter?

Animal Print or over-sized sunglasses?

It's time we embraced who we are, how we feel and not let other people's opinions of how we should be affect our choices!

So's here what we should be doing...

1.  You don't need permission from somebody else to be YOU.  Don't try and dress like you are someone else, simply because that's what certain people think ladies of a certain age should wear!

2.  Ignore the naysayers.  They don't know you, and are simply projecting their insecurities onto you...

3.  Encourage and inspire other women to be themselves (especially if they are young).

4. Wear whatever you want!  Whether it's a Hello Kitty T-Shirt or ripped denim and a leather jacket - what ever you enjoy wearing - wear it!  Just because you are over 30 it doesn't mean that you have to dress like the Queen...

5.  Decorate your home however you want - if it's bright pink and covered in fairy lights - if you love it, then go for it!

6.  Watch whatever T.V. Shows or Movies you want.  (I must confess I love True Blood!)

7. Style your hair however you want. 

8.  Embrace your age, I was full of insecurities when I was in my 20's, only started to develop self-confidence in my 30's (but was still trying to prove myself) and now I am in my 40's I simply don't give a shit - I wear what I want, go where I want, say what I want and have a fabulous time!

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Lyon Brave Dec 31, 2020 · #78

I think 30 is so young.

Jean-François Dionne Dec 5, 2018 · #77

That's the spirit I want my daughters to grow in!

Claire L Cardwell Oct 11, 2018 · #76

#75 @Lisa Gallagher - I agree grey hair is sexy! Haven't watched Frankie and Grace - must check it out.
It's pressure to conform to a certain ideal that bugs me! The psychological impact it has on young men and women is shocking too.
Thanks for the share!

Lisa Gallagher Oct 11, 2018 · #75

You were on a roll @Claire L Cardwell, loved it. So, I can wear that glitter eye shadow, well I think I shall ;-)
I agree with you, there shouldn't be expectations for women. Let us age as we'd like. Stop pushing all the anti-wrinkle shit, because that's what it is.. just shit. For the record, I love Jane Fonda, have you watched Frankie and Grace? Great comedy with the seriousness of life women face. I power watched all episodes last winter and found out the next series wouldn't begin until 2019, well it's almost time!

I noticed men are getting some pressure too, especially with balding. Geez, let it go guys, I can't stand seeing hair that doesn't look natural. Men should never use Grecian Formula either, it doesn't look natural and gray hair is sexy.

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Lada 🏡 Prkic Oct 10, 2018 · #74

This post deserves another round. :-)

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Claire L Cardwell Oct 10, 2018 · #73

Thanks for the share @Lada 🏡 Prkic!

Claire L Cardwell Apr 28, 2018 · #72

#71 Thanks @Lyon Brave - yes you are welcome to pop this article up on your website - just send me the link when you are done. Glad you liked my post!

Lyon Brave Apr 28, 2018 · #71

I really like this article. Can i copy and paste this to my website if i give you author credit and link back to you on bebee?

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