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Simon Sinek, the creator of the Golden Circle, teaches the secret of sales success for great leaders

Simon Sinek is an example of motivation and innovation in the way of looking at a business. He developed the golden circle, a technique that can help your team sell more and succeed in any area of your life.

Think of great examples of leadership and innovation now? Abílio Diniz, Jorge Paulo Lemann, Martin Luther King, Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney, Gandhi, Steve Jobs?

Do you know what all these big names have in common?

They go beyond sending and commanding people, something in them, in everything they say and do, it inspires everyone.

It makes people share the same dream, the same belief.

But what does this have to do with Simon Sinek, the golden circle and all the theory developed by him?

We will answer this and other questions, here and now!

Simon Sinek, the creator of the Golden Circle, teaches the secret of sales success for great leaders

Who is Simon Sinek?

Simon Sinek is an English wanderer, born in Wimbledon in England, but also lived in Hong Kong and the United States.

He studied law in the United States and began his career in advertising agencies in New York.

Currently, Simon Sinek is a globally known writer, motivational speaker and marketing consultant.

His most famous talk was part of the TED talks, How great leaders inspire action, or How great leaders inspire action.

This speech was filmed in September 2009, is the third most popular presentation of TED and is available in 42 languages.

In addition, Simon Sinek presents his chicken of the golden eggs in this speech: the golden circle.

Thus, the golden circle was even the theme of his first book released in October 2009: Why - how great leaders inspire action.

But, after all, what is the golden circle and what is the relationship with it?

Calm down, we'll explain all this in the course of the next topics from the beginning: the definition of golden circle.

What is golden circle?

As we said in the previous topic, Simon Sinek presented the golden circle concept for the first time in his most notorious speech.

The original term in English is golden circle, being possible the translation into Portuguese like golden circle or circle of gold.

In his talk on how great leaders inspire action, Simon Sinek shows how the golden circle is the secret of success .

So we can explain in simplified terms what golden circle Simon Sinek can say about leadership.

In speech, it identifies a pattern in the mode of communication used by great leaders and corporations.

From this, Simon Sinek devised a diagram, which he named as a golden circle.

This golden circle is divided into three layers, one more central, one intermediate and one at the ends, forming a type of target.

The middle layer of the gold circle is "why" , the intermediate is the "how" and the more peripheral is "what" .
That is, to succeed you must go beyond the first layer, that is, you need to know beyond what to do.

As Simon Sinek presents in his speech, all companies know what they are doing, some understand how, but few know why.

As we explore further into the golden circle, you can understand the secret of success from companies like Apple and leaders such as Martin Luther King.

After all, when people can understand the reasons for their roles and the value of their collaboration, motivation and performance become greater.

So let us understand how to apply this concept in your company sales and achieve better results.

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