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What is content marketing? Get to know this content format, engage your audience and boost your results!

What is content marketing? A very common question among people about to invest in the digital environment. This strategy is a way to engage your target audience and empower your customer network through relevant content that attracts potential buyers to you spontaneously.

The goal is to inform people that in the future their brand will be respected and become a market reference. After all, we all want a company with this status, right?

As you may already know, companies are increasingly present on the internet and get great results from it.

When you start your studies and in order to learn how to do content marketing, you might just think about blogs, Facebook and other social networks.

Ledo mistake ...

This strategy, although today is much more common in the digital field, was used a long time before we had access to the internet.

What is content marketing? Get to know this content format, engage your audience and boost your results!

After all, what is content marketing?

Every day people use online search engines to find content and relate to the internet.

For your business to succeed you need to help these people find your site or blog.

How to do this?

With content marketing can help you a lot in this task!

Content Marketing is the process of creating, publishing and promoting personalized content for your customer.

Let's take an example:

Let's say you sell personalized candy for parties. To attract new users it is necessary to develop content related to party candy.

This material can be interesting videos, blogs, articles or even photographs.

But it is necessary to make a unique content that really differs from those already present on the web.

In addition, the material needs to be optimized to be well positioned in the search engines and thus, your site will be located more easily by users. We'll talk a bit more about this later.

Do you know what the reason people are more interested in knowing what content marketing is nowadays?

Traditional advertising, by means of vehicles such as TV and print, is no longer as effective, as well as requiring a much greater financial investment.

Today, the power is totally in the hands of the audience, which has many alternatives to consume content.

Remember when we were forced to watch those commercials during the screening of a movie?

Today we can simply get this movie on the internet and stop watching it on TV channels. All to avoid the commercial breaks.

In content marketing, different from those found in the intervals of TV or radio programming, the focus is not to throw the product on the consumer's face.

Here you need to focus on the public's real interest, that is, the hypothesis of talking about you, about your product, is totally ruled out.

People do not want to know about your product right away, they are behind information, so you need to craft relevant content for your potential customers.

Okay, but how do I sell without mentioning the product?

In the example of party candy, talking about which products match the most with a children's party would be good content for people who are about to throw a party.

Content production can be geared towards various types of events, such as weddings, engagements, and other commemorative dates.

Understanding what content marketing is goes far beyond the concept. Let's dive into the subject once and for all?

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