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The Overlooked Power of Window Tinting

Many people hold the misconception that window tinting is only used to make a vehicle look sporty.  This is simply untrue as window tinting offers other practical benefits, in addition to enhancing the appearance of your vehicle.  A quality window tint offers privacy, health benefits, and protection that cannot be matched with any other vehicle modification.  Continue reading to learn more about why vehicle owners are investing in themselves with window tint!

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Every time the news is turned on there are tales of misfortune, theft, human trafficking, etc.  A great way to keep your car from being the next victim of a break-in is with window tint.  Thieves are often motivated by their eyes.  It can be difficult to hide your purse and packages out of sight.  Keep nosy people from seeing the valuables inside your car to deter theft.  

Furthermore, window tinting is a great tool to offer protection for yourself.  It is much easier to target a person who is alone.  With window tint, it can be difficult for those wanting to mug, kidnap, or traffic a person to know if reinforcements are waiting inside the car.  It will be difficult to identify if there are children in your vehicle or not, making it less likely that you or your kids will be targets of criminal activity.

Protect Your Interior

The harsh heat and UV rays that penetrate your vehicle’s interior, day after day, can cause deterioration and fading to quickly occur.  For those with leather interiors, sun damage can pose many problems and create costly repairs.  During the hot summer months, the sheer interior temperature can lead to damage, seats that are too hot to sit on, and melting of things inside.  Window tint will significantly reduce the interior temperature of your car and block UV rays.  Keep your interior in like-new condition by protecting your car’s interior with the wonders of window tint.

The Overlooked Power of Window Tinting

Protect Your Skin and Eyes

Harsh UV rays impact more than just the interior components in your car.  They also beam through to your skin and eyes.  With the rise in skin cancers caused by UV exposure, now is the time to take preventative steps to keep yourself from becoming another statistic.  Window tinting will keep you and your passengers protected from the harsh impact of UV rays, subsequently lowering the likelihood that you will develop skin cancer.

Increase Fuel Economy

You may not have considered the impact of air conditioning on your vehicle’s fuel economy.  Simply put, the more you run the AC (especially on high) the more money you will be spending on gas.  Adding window tint minimizes the impact of hot summer days, due to its properties of heat rejection.  This amazing benefit keeps your vehicle at a more comfortable temperature even on the hottest days, leading to reduced use of your AC and increased fuel economy.  Over time, this benefit will add up to save you big on gas.

Stay Safer

Window tinting film also provides another practical safety feature: shattered glass protection.  When you are involved in an accident and your windshield is impacted, the film will minimize shattering and the likelihood that you will be seriously injured by the glass.

With all these fantastic benefits, it is clear window film is a great looking addition and so much more!

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