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The decisions we make for our career and/or business are strikingly similar. We identify strategies, risk and adapt. Change is an inevitable concomitant and we must adapt to change to remain relevant. The investment we make by improving ourselves can catapult us into a better and fulfilling future. Entrepreneurship as a lifestyle can transform your career when these principles are applied on a daily basis.

1. Employer versus Employee

The process starts with our career. We go through the educational system until we enter the job market. Getting a job is not as easy as it was in the past and even well-educated individuals are not guaranteed a job. We take what we can find and gradually gain skills and experience while jumping to and from different employers and chase the better salary. The relationship between the employer and employee has changed and employers are not willing to invest in employees that are only in it for the short term. However, where there is disruption, there is opportunity and what is needed is the entrepreneurial mind-set.

2. Entrepreneurial Strategies

Whether we are in the early phase of our career and/or our own business, we face numerous challenges such as time restraints, limited information, funding and not having access to a wide variety of resources. However, we must be resourceful with the limited resources we have at our disposal. To overcome these challenges we must adapt to change to remain competitive and relevant. A competitive advantage will give us that one step ahead of our competitors which we need and enable us to identify and address risks early before they are beyond our control. Our career and/or our own business is an entrepreneurial venture of life. We have to strategically make decisions that directly influence the future of our career and/or business. Focus our mind-set and understand that each day is an examination and it is up to us to make it count.

3. Be the Influential Leader

Improving society starts by improving ourselves first. Self-development leads to greater networking, business opportunities and also provides better solutions to economic and social issues faced by society. People become who they know and the environment in which they operate. This creates influential people. The ability to influence another person’s life for the better sets off a pattern of radical lifestyle changes. The most influential people in the world today and in the past had someone who mentored them. Give ourselves and others the opportunity to experience the true potential within us by living the entrepreneur lifestyle.

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