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9 Tips & Tricks To Keep Your New Year's Project On Track

9 Tips & Tricks To Keep Your New Year's Project On Track~Try to be honest about who you are & what your wish list is.If you make the same resolutions every year, with unsuccessful results, sit down & write up a page with as much information as you can about what you know didn’t work.

~Then, create another page with new ways to describe,tackle, & reinvent the ideas you will try to use to realistically approach the project.
Example:I want to lose weight, is vague & overwhelming. Try: I have made new lifestyle choices: 30 minute walks,latte money to pot of gold,etc… They are much easier to achieve, offer instant gratification, & have already given me more positive, healthy results.

~Verbiage matters. Just like in SEO on social media, the words you choose to associate with your thoughts will affect your success.
Example:I don’t use the word “goal”, because for me,it’s too lofty, & in my mind, takes too long. I use “project”, because I think of projects as fun, weekend stuff that I can tackle with relish, & accomplish quickly.
Don’t use words like diet or budget, but employ words with positive imagery like” lifestyle choices” & “my pot of gold”. Then attach the specific goals as taglines; ie: my 130lbs/my European vacation,etc…

~Visualization of positive results really works. Don’t ask for a future result, state it as a fait accompli, & add visuals: graphs,photos, research articles,anything you find that’s inspirational. You really can fake it ‘till you make it, you just need to be consistent in your intention, with a bit of insistence in your everyday application.I often carry descriptions or drawings of things I’ve imagined, & keep them with me to keep me going.

~Find the moment in the day when you are at your best. Bio rhythms are a booster shot of energy. I am an early riser, & am most effective between 6–8am. If you gave me the same project to work on between 3–5 pm, I wouldn’t accomplish half as much.Your internal clock is your best accomplice, so use it to your best advantage, & get the most out of your day.

~Time management overwhelms everyone. But lists can help you make sense & success out of the craziness. Use them for tasks & projects big & small. Just remember to make them feasible. It’s good to stretch yourself, but be wary of overextending, which will only lead to sabotage.I have found that 90-minute windows work for just about anything. Switching up your activities will keep you motivated.

~Maintenance is everything. Whether it’s your marriage,waistline,unfinished novel,friendships or office manoeuvers, maintenance is unavoidable & imperative. Keep your routines to maintain what’s important as flexible & interesting as possible. You want to program yourself to look forward to it all with a sense of adventure, not dread. Use color,aromatherapy, candles & music to make it an indulgence, not a chore.

~Use a reward system, & one that is commensurate with your efforts. Just like the punishment should fit the crime, so the reward should fit the effort. if you’ve spent 90 minutes writing or working out, give yourself a 20-minute pleasurable breather. A walk around the block with your child or dog, a scented bath,whatever makes you feel you’ve earned it.

~Check in with updates every 3 months, to assure you’re on point with your projects & your progress. Assess what is working best, & what needs a bit of tweaking. These activities reaffirm that your projects are an important part of your everyday life that is vital, flexible, ever-changing , & interesting as you are. If you’ve crafted something that’s working for you, you’ll be looking forward to the activities, as a source of recharging,& building your confidence.

~Be a hedonist. The more you revel in appreciating each step of what you are doing, the happier, healthier & more successful you will be. Practice the indulgence of gratitude for everything along the way. Life is full of projects, but there is always a “Gift By The Door” to be found in all of them, & a sense of accomplishment that adds such a valuable dimension to who we are, & how we choose to live our lives.

Have A Great 2019!
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