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When I was asked how I felt about Donald Trump being President, I said I wasn’t as worried as most, but not for the reasons they think. I want to clarify that now, in light of the upswing in intense reactions since election night.

First, let me say that I do not believe anyone who voted for anyone, is stupid. I believe we all passionately wanted a better life for our families, friends & ourselves. I have no intention of disassociating from anyone who does not believe or vote as I did, & would hope for the same in response.

I worked for the Trump Organization from 2000-2003. As their Corporate Chef Concierge, I handled events, the business-to-business liaising, & special project development at Trump International Plaza. I catered to an amazing clientele at The GM Building on 5thAvenue, called Trump International Plaza at that time, & home to some of the most illustrious companies anywhere. For verification that these details are factual, you can check Google, Linkedin & the Travel Channel video, which is online. So, this is not hearsay or propaganda, but factual information, from someone who actually experienced it.

When George Ross, who had initially hired me, came to explain the rumors flying about Trump losing the building. He said not to worry, that they were in litigation with the courts & Conseco, who co-owned the property, & that nothing would happen for a few years. Just a few weeks later, Trump lost the case & the court ruled in favor of Conseco. Trump would be nominally reimbursed for his original investment, but nowhere near the 1.4 billion he claims. Check out Vicki Lewis’ Liar’s Ball for more details.

For me, & others who were employed there, who did excellent work, including my personally exposing people who were stealing from Trump, & liaising to launch the new WHERE Magazine with Trump on the cover, there was no thank you for loyalty, no compensation or severance package, & after George Ross initially offered to re-establish my contract at 40 Wall, Trump simply stamped his feet & walked out without a word. And there are many other stories like mine, of hard-working staff who expected a fair deal from the man who wrote the art of the deal, but realized that Trump, once angry or beaten, simply turns his back on anything that did not pan out as he had anticipated. No matter who got burned in the process.

What’s important here, is to clearly review the manner in which Trump behaves & rea