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The Crumbling of Decency & The Road Back

The Crumbling of Decency & The Road Back

I’ve spent quite a bit of time musing~should I write this article? Should I be as authentically honest as I usually am? Will I hurt anyone unintended with the information revealed, will I come across as a downer, instead of the eternally optimistic believer in positivity?

Eventually, as with any major decision, it comes down to whether or not you can manage your everyday without the subject invading your thoughts, upsetting your actions, & leaving you with the feeling that the subject pervades everything, & needs to be addressed in order to move ahead. “Stuck in my craw” is a colloquial expression I love that suits perfectly.

In an effort to understand the current American climate, I’ve surfed a plethora of subjects, & found a dearth, for now, of information helping us to identify & correlate the elements needed to resist. That’s what I want to identify. How very much of it involves who we are, how we react, who we blame, who we champion, what we see, what we choose not to see…& how important it all is.

Albeit the fact that the United States was never white, nor ever without a division between church & state, many in the country are searching for a catch-all to carry their woes & resentment, remembering a time through rose-colored lenses that never really was. I get it. I’m angry & confused too. I was raised in a 28-room mansion on Philadelphia’s Main Line, spent summers on the Riviera, was educated privately, & eventually made a 6-figure salary. Suffice it to say, my life today, like many thousands of people, is nothing at all like it was. But the distortion that occurs when people feel ripped off shouldn’t result in aggressive hatred toward anyone or anything, & certainly not align itself with liars & phony bullies promising pipe dreams that will never materialize in our lifetime. They are using our collective disillusion & desperate need for hope, to fuel the centuries-old robber baron syndrome. The more they promise we will be delivered to our glory days, the more they rob us of not only our few dollars left, but so much more importantly, of our belief that tomorrow will be better, & our hope that life is an ever-evolving, glorious gift, that we do indeed, have a hand in.

Case-in-point: Today’s reality shows are akin to the gladiator games in ancient Rome. When people are unhappy, they sometimes look for distractions, & people who might be in a rougher situation than they are. We’ve seen this occur in ancient Rome, in Nazi Germany…& now, in the United States. It gives credence to the idea that the United States is in its’ death throes by allowing these ugly trends to take root in our society. In addition, although we have always been a consumer-based country, with free enterprise & such, never have there been so many people who strive only to have the latest I-phone, or who revere people who made their f