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Why Are Healthier Options Still Considered “Alternative”

Why Are Healthier Options Still Considered “Alternative”My Quest To Debunk Limited Health Care Choices

I was asked by a client who works with nutritional products, massage & other healthy options, if I could write a letter to a government agency official who had told her she could not provide information to people about anything “alternative” without a license. Honestly, I was appalled. While everyone, including me, believes you should seek the most professional care possible, it is also common knowledge that much of what is taken as set-in-stone by many Americans as per the best choices for a healthy lifestyle is either information since debunked, assessments that are incomplete, or data that is now obsolete.

As someone who is extremely proactive about my own health, I can safely say that if I had not sought & implemented alternative options, I would be far less calm & productive, less mobile, with more chronic pain,& suffering multiple side effects that would eventually taint any chance of continued health.

Why are so many of these options, now backed by mainstream research & recognized centers for health…still considered alternative?

Here’s the letter I crafted for the client, who realized that I was indeed, very passionate in my rhetoric! I don’t know if she’ll use the letter in its entirety, but I definitely think it is valuable for continuing the dialogue on obvious glitches in the information on healthcare available, & the dearth of recognition & acknowledgment of how valuable other options can be. * I have removed the names to protect both the official & my client.

Dear Ms.

I am in receipt of a collection of letters concerning the dissemination & discussion of various topics of information that you have stated are in violation of Maryland’s Health Code MD Code, Health Occupations, § 5–101 (h). For our review purposes here, I have copied the