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How to Give a Gift from the Heart for any Occasion

Beading and jewelry making can be one of the most rewarding handcrafts. All it takes is some basic supplies, a little personal creativity, and you are able to adorn yourself as well as others with beautiful handmade bead jewelry. Often these designs communicate your inner feelings and personal sense of style.

Jewelry crafting has been around for thousands of years. Hand crafted jewelry has been a symbol of social status, wealth and spirituality throughout all of human history. There are many cultures who think their handcrafted jewelry and gemstones possess magical and/or healing powers.

Today many people view their jewelry, especially handcrafted jewelry, as much more than mere decorations. Jewelry is used today to symbolize love, religion, politics, our many life experiences, the birth of children and important memories.

One piece of jewelry can mean much more to a person than just the color or the look or what other piece of clothing we have on to match that piece of jewelry. Our choices in jewelry helps us and others around us to "understand who we are." We communicate many different kinds of messages while we wear our jewelry.

Are you a mother? Our choice in jewelry can prove that we are without saying a word to confirm that we are. Are you married? Of course a piece of jewelry can tell the world that you are married, in love, and devoted to one special person. Are you a dedicated teacher? Even our professional life can be communicated by the choices of jewelry we wear.

Making jewelry and bead work utilizes the very same practices people of ancient times used. These practices have been passed down generation after generation of people and can even communicate to others exactly what country or origin we are from. For example, wearing Indian jewelry can immediately tell others that you have genuine Indian ancestors and/or ancestors who value the art of making jewelry.

Handmade designs are special because "you made them" to exact specifications by your own hand. There is a special satisfaction in making your own jewelry as it portrays exactly what you love and fits you perfectly. Since I have been making bead jewelry, nothing else anywhere satisfies me like a pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace made from genuine gemstones or carefully cut out faceted glass beads.

I can tell the difference very quickly and I often reject anything of lesser quality than I am use to in my own handmade jewelry box. You become like as "one" to the beads you love. There is a very special relationship between the jewelry artisan and their beads. I always avoid the cheaply made, mass manufactured jewelry I one time chose to wear from retail outlets who buy their merchandise in bulk from mass jewelry making manufacturers. Handcrafted and especially that in which I make is my absolute choice now.

Handmade bead jewelry is often very similar to the kind of designer jewelry you can find in expensive jewelry boutiques and department stores, made and sold at a fraction of the cost. Gift giving becomes far less challenging when you discover the world of handmade bead jewelry, either making it yourself, or buying it from other jewelry artisans.

When the gift box is opened and your recipients see a beautiful handcrafted piece of jewelry like they cannot readily see at a local retail outlet, you will hear a sudden OHHHHH as if to gasp from the sight of such a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry chosen especially for them.

There is probably one important reward for giving handcrafted bead jewelry as as gifts for special occasions to the special people in your life and that is the jewelry can serve any purpose and match any kind of outfit the recipient has. This reward is much unlike anything else you would ever purchase in a local retail jewelry outlet. Your choices there are so limited.

Do you have a special person on your gift list who is extra difficult to buy for? Watch them carefully observing the style of clothes and colors they wear. In addition, what are their interests in life? Gift them with a piece of bead jewelry to match their tastes and interest. Your gift will most likely become their favorite. Your gift will also reveal "your heart" to them in a way words could never say.

If the people on your gift list loves fashion, become their personal fashion designer and gift them with jewelry that reflects their own personal fashionable styles. If they are interested in history, or a particular culture, religion or spiritual path, search for bead jewelry that reflects their interests.

Whether you are a bead artisan yourself or you are just interested in giving bead jewelry as gifts, your journey through handcraft bead shops will undoubtedly help to enrich your own life.

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Written by: Connie LimonHow to Give a Gift from the Heart for any Occasion

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I think I would not be patient enough to make my own jewelry but I definitely appreciate you posting about this interesting topic.I'll go and check out your Etsy store right away.